10 Style Tips for Young Men

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Style Tip #1 – Have Self-Confidence 

Before something else. Understand that a large chunk of fashion depends on a confident attitude.

Self-confidence does not only assist you to engage with women. It’s an inside driving force for remembering who are you are, what you stand for.

When you are in sync with your sense of purpose, it sends a strong sign that influences the “aura” you give off – and even the clothes you wear from Vlone.

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Style Tip #2 – Value Style & Image

Entering the real world – you have got to open your eyes to the inconvenient truth: books are usually judged by their covers. Appearances do matter.

Isn’t an excellent personality still important? Absolutely. But some people may not ever be exposed to it if they cannot see past your lackluster “cover.” To nail first impressions, your fashion and personality have to work in the society’s system of what’s ideal – what’s expected of younger professionals.

You prefer to dress in a way that can effortlessly grant you those valuable seconds to sell a thought, make your case, and influence others.

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Style Tip #3 – Level-Up Your Footwear

Still, wearing walking shoes all the time (even when you are NOT running)? Explore different options.

Why? It boils down to an ordinary college of thought that is still alive and well these days: you can judge a man from his shoes. People see footwear as a way of measuring your internet well worth – or assuming your career and social status. So I agree with spending appropriate money on a pair of awesome dress shoes. It’s a classic kind of shoe that works for all occasions. If you want to know about the most trendy shoes of the current time, do try yeezy from adidas.

Style Tip #4 – Take Care of Your Clothing

In general, being younger means you have got much less disposable income. Budgeting is a must. But at the same time – there is no excuse for not maintaining your outfits in superb shape. With simply a few bucks, be selective with shopping for things such as wooden hangers for your suits, shoe trees for your shoes, a reliable iron, and detergent. 

Style Tip #5 – Nail the Fit

At home, you may still experience wearing those saggy shorts or vlone shirt even although you have slimmed down. But outside, keep in mind that fit is king. It’s your top subject in the fashion pyramid (before you think of fabric and function/style) for any clothing item.

Rule of thumb: If it does not in shape (and cannot be slightly adjusted to fit) – do NOT purchase it. It may not work.

Style Tip #6 – Own a Well-Fitted Suit

No, be counted what your job is, you will most probably wear a superb suit at some point in life. So if you are going to purchase one, make certain it is a classic suit. Consider factors like notch lapels, the proper size of the jacket (the backside should not cover your butt), and clean, constant stitching (check this by opening the vents and breast pocket). For any suit that is off the rack – do take the time to have it adjusted. Some department shops still provide the service, however, chances are you will need to locate a tailor independently. 

Style Tip #7 – Choose QUALITY over Quantity

What right is a cloth cabinet that is oversaturated with items that either? The reality is it is incredibly tons a dump – where the desirable stuff receives lost in the mix while the rest have to be cleaned or replaced? While you are still young, this is one of these faults you will be happy you made. Because it gives you the wisdom to make great purchases (even beyond clothing) at an early age.

A desirable core of white and blue dress shirts (the spine of most sharp outfits)

Simple ties with darkish shades of blue, green, or red (a small repeating pattern is fine)

Jackets, trousers, footwear with the right colors and textures (which do not clash with your shirts)

This system gives a set of all outfits you will need 99% of the time – and every single piece is something you will love to wear.

Style Tip #8 – Get Rid Of Worn Out Clothing

Certain jean styles might’ve been modern all through your teenage years (like tears, holes, or distressed looks). Eliminate those pants (or outfits with similar styles) from your closet right away. You prefer to move past that rebellious, individualistic segment for good. Upgrade your legwear by sticking to what works: clean, well-fitted indigo jeans. 

Style Tip #9 – Throw Out T-Shirts & Hoodies

We know that Mark Zuckerberg usually comes to work in a grey hoodie – as if he was walking a local gym rather than Facebook. But how many guys like Zuckerberg are on this planet? Exactly. The average man does not have such privileges – and will be judged negatively if he wears UN-dressy shirts or tops. 

Style Tip #10 – Ignore Fashion Trends

Mainstream fashion trends change too quickly to simply become staples of your style. And younger guys cannot have enough money for a complete cloth wardrobe overhaul every single month. To avoid something that does not survive past an “in” season (like skinny ties and jeans). Stick to timeless outfit pieces and traditional colors, patterns, textures, and mixtures (those which have existed since your parents’ and grandparents’ younger years) – since these will never disappoint.

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