10 Tips About Outdoor Security Lighting of Your Home

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Outdoor security lighting improves the security of a home as unwanted intruders will thrive in a dark environment. Keeping your environment bright at night will make burglars move on to the other targets with no light. However, it is not safe to rest all the security responsibilities on the lights. There are other security tips you should adhere to.

You will need the following tips for better outdoor security lighting.

Many little lights or one bright light?

The idea to adopt when considering the kind of security light to install is “getting rid of dark or blind spots”. These spots give room for burglars to hide, thereby making your security efforts futile.

Small lights will eliminate dark spots better than the big bright light. So installing many low lights will do more good than the big bright ones.

Choose the right spots to place the light

Outdoor Security lighting beautify the house, but this is not their sole aim, so do not be like those who only want to put them at the front of the house. Though the front is excellent, it is the least likely place for burglars to access.

Installing your lights at the doors, and other entrances of your house will help. You should also place the light at your drive and walkway to help you at night.

Should you place it high or low?

Higher lights cover more radius than lower lights. When lights are closer to the ground, they will not cover so much area. More overhead lights get softer as they approach the ground, and this makes it less likely for shadows to create dark spots. You can easily overlap high lights for full coverage than the lower lights.

However, do not go too high as you will need brighter lights if you must go very high. Finding a balance is crucial here. It would help if you also placed your lights facing downward. This technique will help reduce the noise pollution they produce.

How secure is the outdoor security lighting?

Keep the wires and control of your security lights in places inaccessible to burglars. Ensure the cables are well hidden so that they do not cut off the light and sneak through.

Want more security lights, use solar lights. They are located high up and are not so easy to tamper.

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Frequent maintenance

Installing the best type of security light will not do you good for a long time if you do not maintain them. Ensure you check for and replace burnt-out bulbs quickly. Remove the dirt and dust that accumulate frequently, and you would have a long-lasting outdoor security lighting.

For more security, go for glare-free lights

We have already discussed that very bright light allows the build-up of shadows, hence, dark spots. So, installing bright lights will not scare off burglars as proposed; they will help them stay in the darkness and see what they are doing.

Also, if your bright light is not well shielded, it will glare and allow burglars to sneak around behind it comfortably.

So, ensure your light is well shielded and angled from the others. Here, you should also aim for putting your lights high pointing down.

White and clear or colored bulbs?

It is pretty to have colored bulbs, but they do not serve the security purpose very well. The best thing to go for is white and bright bulbs since they produce cleaner and clearer light.

Also, colored lights can distort the view and make it difficult for a person to identify colors. White and bright bulbs will help you and your neighbors describe who was caught in the light and what he was wearing.

What of motion sensors?

We have been used to turning the lights off and on by ourselves, but that is not the best. Burglars can see their activities through your light, and the darkness will give them the liberty to attack.

For optimum use of outdoor security lighting, motion sensors are useful. They will come on when a person walks close and scare them off. Do not forget the burglars are humans and have adrenaline rushing through them.

For maximum security, use timers

Timers take you off the routine that the burglars have known you for (since they may probably be keeping tabs on you). Timers will make your security light come on and off at different intervals as if you are regulating it manually.

When burglars see your light come on when they least expected, they will think you have sighted them and will take off.

Try lights not meant for security

An emergency electrician in  London will tell you that experienced burglars have studied every outdoor security lighting and tried to deter them. You can still use the outdoor accent lighting instead of your floodlight. Though floodlights are more focused than the softer lights, you can even see and spot threats.

Lights both inside and outside your house are first installed for you and your comfort. So you can use your porch or post light in your walkway to see your way back home at night and spot criminals if they attempt.

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