11 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Social media is used by any one and every one individual, company, and businesses alike. Without discrimination, social media offers everyone the advantage of networking and expanding business. As it is commonly used for business and marketing and everyone thinks its too easy and simple. People jump on the bandwagon of social media marketing without educating themselves and get lost in the complications of social media wasting time and gaining nothing. Which are called as some social media marketing mistakes.

Here are a few common social media marketing mistakes which i am sharing with you all.

Not having a strategy

Marketing strategies are important to formulate. Many think that they can deal with social media nuances without having to work out a strategy. This is one of the common social media marketing mistakes which most users make. Without a strategy, you will not be able to gain much. A strategy will help you establish your outcome of the marketing campaign. Budget and team allocations are as crucial as they are for offline marketing tactics. This, you will not be able to do if you don’t establish a clear strategy.

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Not assigning a dedicated Team 

We all have social media accounts – multiple accounts. All are dealt single-handedly. So this means a social media marketing campaign can be done the same way. No, it cannot. It is your big mistake if you think that social media marketing can run on auto-pilot. You need people to think, create, and develop content, upload it, monitor it, and make it interactive. Each task no matter how small it appears needs to have a dedicated professional assigned to it. Otherwise, media marketing will become haphazard and ultimately fail to achieve any fruitful results for your business.

Too many accounts

There are many social media platforms each serving a different purpose. For many, all social media platforms are the same. This again comes under common social media marketing mistakes. If you are one of them, you are wrong here. Not all platforms are the same nor they serve the same audience or hence the purpose. Having an account on all the platforms is not a guarantee that your media marketing will succeed. Likely, that you will get packed with loads of online work and not be a vivid user if you don’t manage or don’t have the capacity to manage so much. It is equally important to think and choose the most appropriate platform to suit your needs.

Thinking all platforms are the same

Each and every social media networking site has a unique set of properties yet they all serve one common purpose of providing social networking. A missing thorough knowledge of each of the platforms is another common mistake. Again, I can’t emphasize much on the need of establishing a strategy. This is the only way to clear any misconceptions about various social media sites and to help choose the best-suited one.

Missing Social media policy 

What should be your social media content and presence about and how are you going to say it? This and similar questions are only answered through developing a social media policy. It is a guiding document that most companies and businesses fail to give importance to. Whether you are a small business or a company, a social media guideline document will help you in the long run and you will have content that relates the most to you and your business. I would like to recommend EpicLikes to you because this platform has great potential to make you visible on social media.  

Non-personal Feel

Automated messages are easy if you don’t have the attitude towards social media. But in reality, they will speak loudly to your audience about being machine-generated. Something that no one likes and picks on very quickly if there is a missing human touch to the content.

Buying followers 

Yes, you read it right. Buying followers is a phenomenon many companies and businesses do. At times, they are real people they are fake profiles. Buying followers will increase your subscribers but fake profiles are easy to identify. This is a tactic you need to consider twice before opting. Because real people will spot the fake profiles and will think of you as fake too.

Ignoring platform analytics

Nearly all social media sites offer stats on your profiles. Ignoring the most crucial data can be costing you much. This data is automatically generated and there is no reason not to see it and take benefit. Observing already compiled data can help you in understanding audience behavior and if you miss that you don’t know the next steps meaning your social media marketing will suffer badly.

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Avoiding/deleting negative feedback

The way you deal with negative feedback and comments determines your level of professionalism. An easy way to make a mistake is to delete the comment and block the negative user. You will only create more resentment among your audience. Many people may have already read the comment and will find out that it’s gone missing without being addressed and answered hence creating confusion.

Being irregular

If you have multiple profiles and not much time to deal with all of them. You will be irregular in your presence on social media. As a result, your audience will also be irregular with you. Marketing campaigns suffer greatly when the audience doesn’t take it seriously. The tone you set of your profile will lead the audience in maintaining a certain behavior towards accepting or rejecting your approach.

Considering everyone as your audience  

Last but not the least, considering everyone as your audience means you have not done enough research to find out and establish important information about your viewership. Reality is that many people will see your advertisement or posts but that does not necessarily mean that they are your audience. Your campaign, your business is catering to certain individuals and that’s what your audience is.

The Takeaway

So market research is an important component of your marketing and business plan. Think critically and evaluate all possible avenues before venturing on an online social media marketing expedition. This would not only save you time but money will be well spent on what’s most important and desirable to you.

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