11 reasons that prevent people from moving home

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Ever wondered why some people stay put in one house for years? It’s often because moving home is too difficult. From prohibitive moving costs to a disdain for estate agents, there are many reasons that prevent people from moving home.

High costs

Moving is expensive. Make a start by looking at the cost of transportation, furniture, and other household items. There may also be legal fees involved in selling a house, so you have to plan for that, too.

Not being able to find somewhere around the same price range may also be a deal-breaker. If you want your children to remain in the same school, or nearby friends and family members, then moving home is not an option.

Stress and fear of change


Some people are too scared to move. It’s not like a simple business move that can be planned, managed, and completed in days – moving home is much more complicated than that. The entire house has to be packed up and carefully transported to your new location. You have to find a new house, unpack and get used to the new surroundings. 

Too many vehicles

Some people don’t bother moving because they have a collection of vehicles that would be too difficult to move. However, this isn’t a huge problem with vehicle home delivery services becoming more widely available.

Lack of homes available

It is essential that you find a home to move into before selling your current property. Otherwise, it will take too long to sell and could affect your ability to make the next biggest step in life – moving house. There is nothing worse than waiting indefinitely for an accepted offer on your old house. People should also be aware that there are laws in place to protect homeowners when they buy a new home. This means that you can’t just take money from the sale of your current house and then disappear.

Difficult realtors

Some realtors are so difficult to deal with that they could make the entire process of moving home unbearable. So, it is worth doing a little research into the reputation and track record of your prospective agent before choosing them. If you want to be sure that things will run smoothly, choose a reputable realtor who has successfully dealt with relocations in the past. Also, pick an agent who you feel comfortable dealing with and can trust.

Family ties

If you have children, then moving home will affect them the most. Their friends, family, and school are all important for their happiness and well-being. So if they are happy where they live, it may not be a good idea to move them to another place with different schools and acquaintances.

Can’t get a mortgage

Many people with bad credit histories or no homeownership experience are unable to get a mortgage for a new house. Some people may even be too cautious and decide against moving as they feel that the risk is too high. If you want to move home in the near future, it’s important to check out your current ability to get a mortgage. If you can’t, then perhaps it’s best to stay put for now.

Bad credit score

If you have bad credit, it can limit your ability to get a mortgage. It means that if you want to sell and move from one house to another, you will probably have to pay cash or use a hard money loan. This also applies to renting in some locations. If this is the case, then moving home may not be possible at the moment.

Health reasons

There are a lot of people who have health problems and can’t move house because they don’t have enough support in their communities to remain living independently. If you think that this is applicable, then perhaps it’s better to stay put and enjoy your current surroundings until you are healthy enough to move to somewhere where you will be more comfortable.

Not registered to vote

If you’re not registered to vote, then you may feel that the decisions made by your local government don’t affect you at all. If this is the case, then it’s unlikely that you will try to influence planning policy and development in your neighborhood. This can lead to you being somewhat disconnected from your communities.

Crime rate is an issue

If the crime rate in your area is high, then people may feel nervous when they are walking alone and at night. It’s unlikely that people will want to move to an area if crime is a problem. It’s also worth looking at crime statistics for the areas that you are considering moving into. You may find that there are other areas that have better safety records even if they don’t appear as prestigious as your current surroundings.

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