12 Must-have Wardrobe Things for Man in His 30s

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The ‘capsule wardrobe’ trend has been progressing rapidly over the years. The idea of curating your wardrobe with only a few garments and accessories that complement each other and can be worn in more ways than one at different events is quite appealing. However, creating such a wardrobe takes time, patience, and money.

Apart from that, knowledge of quality, fabric, and the latest trends is a must. Some prefer to wear only American made men’s clothing, while others don’t have any specific preference. No matter which category you belong to, here are some of the most important things you should have in your wardrobe by the age of 30.

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A Pair of Lasting Jeans

A pair of great jeans goes a long way. Before you buy a pair from just anywhere, it is important to know the quality, shade, and fit are the key to getting a pair that will last you a lifetime. Jeans are the perfect article for all kinds of casual events and you can style it a thousand different ways. It can be dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a jacket depending upon the occasion. The best one, though, is the natural raw dark indigo jeans. It is the most versatile jeans that fade over time in unique ways and becomes your own customized pair.

‘Wear Anywhere’ Pants

You may think that ‘anywhere pants’ must be jeans. It’s not the case. Although a very versatile article, jeans cannot be worn everywhere. As an alternative, a great pair of pants or trousers that can be worn to any occasion is a must-have. Typically, navy tone slim-fit chinos or khaki pants are considered ideal for both summers and winter. These pants are also a flexible piece of clothing and can be worn with a plain shirt/t-shirt, a shirt, and a jacket, etc. – the combinations are limitless. A must-have in your wardrobe.

Well-Tailored Suits

Dress codes in the corporate world are becoming more and more relaxed. Many businesses don’t require people to wear proper suits anymore. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own any. Numerous occasions call for a well-tailored suit such as weddings, fancy birthday parties, interviews, and so on. An excellent choice of color would be navy or charcoal grey with a slim or classic fit style. Artificial blends don’t give that pristine look so go for pure wool for winters. The tailoring of suits is also important so pay attention to the double vent lapels, buttons, and ticket pockets, etc.

Trendy Blazers

Since the dress code is getting more and more informal and fluid, blazers and casual jackets are gaining popularity. A well-picked jacket or blazer can enhance your well-styled look to an occasion that doesn’t require a full-suit. A Man must have this in his wardrobe.

Diverse Range of Ties

Styling your suits with perfect ties is an important albeit a bit tricky task to achieve. Owning a few good ties can create a world of difference in making you look more mature at an occasion that calls for wearing one.

One Timeless Wristwatch

Investing in a good timepiece is a great idea. Even if you aren’t a fan of the wrist piece, completing your look with a watch on special occasions makes you stand out from the crowd. Wristwatches complement your formal or semi-formal looks and make it seem that you value time.

A Couple of Quality Leather Shoes

While we are talking about occasions that call for formal or semi-formal dressing, shoes play an important part. Investing in quality leather shoes is worthwhile. Buy a pair of black and brown leather shoes and go for quality stuff. Though quality material never comes cheap, you are saving money for the next decade if you don’t compromise on quality. Brown shoes go well with navy blues, greens, and greys. Whereas, black shoes go with almost everything.

A Pair of Minimalistic Summer Shoes

Since you can’t wear leather shoes for every occasion, it is better to buy a pair of sleek and trendy sneakers or trainers. The brilliancy of these shoes is that they, too, are very versatile. These shoes are mostly for summers and can be worn with so many different looks.

Stylish Swim-Suits

While talking of summer, every man should own a pair of well-fitting swim shorts. The safe length of swim trunks is generally above the knee and plain shorts with basic colors are the best way to go. Many brands manufacture swimming trunks with flattering styles that don’t make you look immature.

Well-Fitted T-Shirts

A well-fitted funny t-shirt is every man’s treasure. If you know what style of the t-shirt (V-neck, crew neck, or collard) highlights your physique, you just need to find the colors that look good on you. The fabric choice is also important (cotton, jersey, blended, and so on) along with the fitting style (slim-fit or classic).

A Versatile Shirt

There are so many different styles of shirts one can think of. However, for a minimalist style wardrobe, you just need a few great ones that can be worn to work, weddings, dates, and so on. In that case, a button-down white or blue colored Oxford shirt is an excellent option. You can purchase these shirts at various stores but if you’re interested in purely US-made ones, consider khaki shirts with quality cotton fabric.

The Must-Have Accessories  

Apart from the one mentioned before, men must own a few important accessories by the age of 30 such as a proper umbrella, unlike the collapsible one. In addition to that, owning a good quality duffle-bag and a work-bag is a sign of maturity.

Well styled and mature men don’t carry around cheap wallets and key fobs. So, buy a quality leather wallet and a nice key fob to complete your look for any occasion. A few more things to consider are a quality belt and a few stylish eyewear pieces. These things can last you a long time so put some thought into your decisions and spend well.

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