3 Common Gift Giving Errors and How to Avoid Them

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Are you noticing your gifts are being regifted to other recipients year after year?

Some recipients are just picky, while others may honestly be strapped for time (and cash) to find the right gift.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to step up your gift-giving game, especially when milestones, birthdays, and holidays come around. Plus, you can always think of gift giving as a creative, and even rewarding, experience for yourself.

Here are three gift-giving errors to avoid for the next special occasion.

1. Be Careful With Souvenirs

Do you love stocking up on souvenirs when you travel?

Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately, some recipients may be secretly disappointed with an “I Love New York” shirt, a stuffed animal wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or a license plate keychain, especially if the name is spelled wrong.

The above ideas work well for most people.

While it’s true that the thought counts, not every recipient will get the message. That’s why it helps to identify the picky, high-maintenance recipients in your life.

Thus, if you’re going to gift someone a souvenir you bought on vacation, try something a little different.

Ideas include:

  • Cultural items (pottery, woven bags, dolls, jewelry, etc.)
  • Handcrafted clothing (dresses, tops, and jackets)
  • Porcelain, ceramic, or silver and gold figurines
  • High-end food items like olive oils
  • Handmade soaps and candles
  • Wall art like professional photography or paintings

In these cases, it helps to know what the recipient would prefer before buying a souvenir. You can always ask some basic questions before you leave. Favorite cultural objects, clothes they need, and preferred (non-perishable) foods are a great start.

Of course, if the picky recipient doesn’t like the souvenir, you can always keep it for yourself or gift it to someone who will appreciate it.

2. Non-Refundable Gift Giving Errors

Another common gift-giving error is buying presents that can’t be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

You should probably include a gift receipt, just in case. They may also include information on how to return a gift to the store, as well.

They’re generally helpful for certain types of gifts; for example, you may end up buying a shirt that’s a size too small or susceptible to shrinking in the washing machine.

You can also include a gift receipt if you’re worried that the other party already has the gift, like a particular book, movie, or houseware item.

3. Not Making the Gift Personable Enough

Has your recipient grown tired of receiving socks every year?

Who doesn’t love new socks?

Apparently, some people don’t, but that’s okay. You can always try something different with your sock gift, like personalized socks with the recipient’s name.

Functional items make excellent gifts, even for the pickiest of recipients. They’re a good rule of thumb in gift-giving etiquette.

For example, does the other person love their beverages, like coffee, tea, and smoothies?

Why not purchase custom koozies fast for last-minute gifts, personalized thermoses, or customized (and sleek) lunch boxes for nourishing oneself on the go?

You could also try personalized blankets, digital gifts, or custom pet gifts for their furry friends.

Discover Even More Gifts for Friends

These gift ideas are just the beginning.

Remember these gift-giving errors to improve your presents come birthday and holiday season.

You can always talk to a retail associate or another expert before clicking the checkout button or finalizing your purchase at the counter.

Discover more unique ideas in the blog!

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