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3 Home Improvements That Boost Resale Value

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Homeowners who want to increase the potential sales price of their property have many options. Plus, those who wish to remain in their homes can make improvements for the sake of comfort and convenience. Adding a deck is the most common example of a project that can increase the asking price or add a touch of creature comfort to any living space. Home lifts are other popular add-ons that deliver a considerable measure of safety, attractiveness, and luxury.

Other owners turn to DIY projects like painting the inside and outside of the structure to enhance curb appeal and give the place a whole new look. Rooftop solar panels and swimming pools are two more beloved features that people choose when they wish to get more enjoyment out of their houses or add to the future asking price. Here are a few of the top tactics for making any home more desirable and comfortable.

Home Lifts

Many property owners install a home lift to make life easier, but others do it primarily to ramp up the potential resale value. Installing a home lift can totally transform the look and feel of a living space. The sheer versatility of a lift is impressive.

Not only can it beautify any living space, but it can relieve owners of the need to use steps to get from floor to floor. There’s a more subtle aspect to resale price, and that’s desirability. Homes that have lifts tend to attract a much larger number of potential buyers. House hunters remember unique features like lifts, swimming pools, solar arrays, and greenhouses. In the end, domestic lifts help sellers fetch higher prices and make the selling process faster.


Backyard decks are one of the all-time favorite improvements for enterprising homeowners. Some choose to add small decks as DIY projects. Others prefer to hire a contractor to do a full-scale installation of a large unit. Either way, decks are affordable, practical add-ons to any personal space.

They provide wide open areas for barbeque grills, hot tubs, casual seating, game space, and more. The units come in wood, plastic, metal, and composite materials. Prices vary widely, but most discover that having a well-maintained deck is a major plus when their house is up for sale. Buyers like the idea of moving into a place that already includes one of the most convenient additions.

Rooftop Solar Panels

There are many reasons to install solar panels, one being when a for sale sign is up, solar panels attract attention from energy-conscious buyers who like the idea of generating their own electrical power, or at least a portion of it. A decade ago, rooftop solar arrays were uncommon and costly. That’s all changed, as today’s panels are economical, easier to install, and showing up on residences all over the nation.

The latest versions offer high-tech, safe power generation for consumers who want to minimize their monthly utility bills. As a sales tool, solar panels are equally adept. Larger arrays are sought-after amenities that can substantially increase selling prices for homes of all sizes. The quality and age of the panels make a difference, which is why newer arrays are favored by buyers.

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