3 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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Finding out that you are pregnant is an amazing moment in your life that you will never forget. Sharing the news with friends and family is also incredibly exciting and there are number of fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy with your loved ones that will bring you all together and create lasting memories. 

Which is the right is time?

Some ladies simply cannot wait and announce their pregnancy very soon after receiving confirmation from their doctor via blood or urine test. One thing to keep in mind is that your chances of miscarriage are higher in the first few weeks following conception than they are at any other point in your pregnancy.

  • You can announce your pregnancy at six week when you get a first ultrasound test and that shows your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Sometimes you need to announce it at your work place because your work may be in hazardous labs or somewhere like that.
  • You also love to share this with your parents because you might need emotional and physical support from your parents.
  • Your likelihood of miscarriage lowers substantially after the first trimester, at the end of week 12. So some people thinks that this is right time to disclose your pregnancy. You can also see your baby in the ultrasound now as it is the perfect time to sonograph.
  • Some women have high risk pregnancy and they want to share it at later stage like after 12 weeks. They may be having high risk pregnancy  

Keep reading to know ways to announce your pregnancy news


Pregnancy is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. After a few weeks of nausea, you’ll be feeling wonderful and watching your tummy grow during the middle months. As you prepare to welcome your kid, the last trimester is more uncomfortable, but also the most thrilling. While nine months (plus or minus a few weeks) may seem like a long time to wait for a new baby, it goes by faster than you can say “pregnancy photoshoot.”

One of the best ways to share your good news with the world is with a photoshoot, which can also be a chance to be creative and use humour or you can simply go with a classic option of you holding a positive pregnancy test. One of the great things about doing a photoshoot is that it will also help to cement this memory for life and you will enjoy looking back at the photos over the years to come.

You can then share these photos on social media and enjoy reading people’s messages that they send to you. Of course, if you want to keep things more private then you can simply send these photos via a group message or email.

Couple pregnancy pictures

Pregnancy is a unique moment in the lives of parents-to-be. The soft bond between a couple and their kid is immortalised in a prenatal photoshoot. Don’t be frightened or shy to have a good quality time with your friends and family. Photoshoot of calm and intimate moments with your partner, as well as enjoying each other’s company before the arrival of your baby, are all worth remembering.

Send Cards

Cards are another great way to announce your pregnancy as they can have so much meaning and there are all kinds of different ways to announce your pregnancy (including photos). Again, cards will also give you and your loved ones something to cherish over the years. Not only this, but this can be an affordable option and you can order high-quality cards and invitations online and personalise these. This could also act as an invitation if you decide to have a party to celebrate the good news.

If you don’t live close enough to your parents and want to tell them about your pregnancy in a private way, send them a lovely greeting card through mail or email that casually mentions grandbabies. This is a terrific idea if your parents have recently done something nice for you; you can send it as a “thank you gift” that they should look for in the mail. So they will come to know that they are going to have a grandbabies.

A Lunch or Dinner Meal

For some people, you will want to tell them to their face so that you can see their reaction and celebrate together. For those that are closest in your life, inviting them to a meal either at a restaurant or simply at home is a nice idea and an event that you will certainly all remember forever. 

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for ways that you can share your special news with your nearest and dearest. Announcing your pregnancy to friends and family is an incredible feeling and a moment that you will all cherish forever, plus these are memorable ways that you can share the news and celebrate together. 

Gender reveal party

Anyone who has had a baby will tell you that the most frequently asked pregnancy question is concerning gender. Gender reveals during pregnancy have grown in popularity over the years. Gender reveal can be as easy as cutting into simple cake and being shocked friends and family by pink or blue cake in the centre, or as elaborate as popping a giant balloon filled with colourful pink or blue glitter.

Gender reveal party may include:

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Gender reveal setup (ballons, cake)
  • Photos of the friends and family reactions , when the gender is revealed.
  • General party photos.

Disclaimer: Gender reveal party is subject to country rules and constitution. TheReadToday does not promote gender reveal party for those countries where it is not allowed.

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