4 Best Things To Order For Brunch

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The first meal of the day sets the tone for what gets consumed for the remainder of the day, making breakfast and brunch pretty important meals. Brunch usually refers to the meal eaten on weekends in the late morning or early afternoon. While menus vary from restaurant to restaurant, here are four of the best items you can order during brunch. 

1. French Toast

French toast is made by soaking slices of bread in a mixture of eggs and milk and then frying the bread in a pan. After frying, the dish can be made either sweet or savory, with the sweet version typically consisting of powdered sugar, syrup, and sometimes fruit. A savory version of French toast might contain pepper, herbs, tomatoes, avocado, Parmesan or other cheese, and garnished with hot sauce if desired. Older slices of bread are often used to make the dish, as the dryness is more conducive to soaking up the eggs and milk and because the frying will disguise any staleness in bread that would otherwise be thrown out. Whether you order a sweet or savory version, French toast is the perfect dish to have alongside a morning mimosa.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a low-carb, high-protein food containing many essential vitamins and nutrients, making this one of the healthier food options for brunch. Eggs can be prepared using several methods, including:

  • Hard-boiled, where the egg is boiled while still in the shell, leading to a firm yolk consistency that is ideal for preparing deviled eggs
  • Soft-boiled, which is the same cooking method as hard-boiled but with roughly half the cooking time, leading to a runny yolk that can be eaten on its own or absorbed by toast
  • Scrambled, where the yolk and whites of the eggs are mixed and then cooked in a pan, with longer cooking times for firm and dry eggs and shorter cooking times for moist eggs
  • Sunny side up, where the egg is cracked in the pan and fried without being flipped, causing a runny yolk that is perfect for serving on toast
  • Poaching, which refers to cooking the eggs in some amount of liquid over a low temperature without their shells

The cooking method used largely depends on your taste and the dish that is being prepared with the eggs, if the eggs are not eaten as-is. For example, an omelet is cooked similarly to scrambled eggs, but without stirring the eggs. Omelets can be filled with cheese, ham, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. An eggs benedict is made by taking a poached egg and placing it on an English muffin along with some bacon and hollandaise sauce. Huevos rancheros are a Mexican-style dish consisting of fried eggs served with tortillas, salsa or pico de gallo, and accompanied with beans, Spanish rice, and avocado.

3. Toast

If you are looking for something lighter and more straightforward to order, toast is a good option. Toast can be topped with butter, honey, peanut butter, banana, jam, avocado, and cheese, among other things. Plain buttered toast also complements brunch foods such as bacon, ham, and fruit. 

4. Crepes

A crepe is a traditional French dish consisting of a very thin pancake filled with sweet or savory ingredients. Some of the more common ingredients in sweet crepes include Nutella, peanut butter, fruit jam, or fresh fruit, while savory crepes may contain sauteed vegetables, eggs, cheese, pork, or chicken. You can also order a simple, classic crepe dusted with powdered sugar and possibly topped with chocolate or whipped cream. 

The next time you are out for brunch, see if the restaurant serves any of these four items. 

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