4 Types of Sapphire Jewelry To Wear With Your Creative Outfits

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Sapphire has long been considered one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry and design. Its striking color and clarity make it the perfect accessory for any creative dresser.

If you’re thinking of new ways to style your outfits, it’s time to add sapphire jewelry to the mix. Whether you dress in bright tones or you’re looking for a pop of color to spice up your neutrals, sapphire is the perfect choice.

The question is, what kinds of sapphire jewelry should you pair with different outfits?

Read on for four types of sapphire jewelry and what to pair them with.

Sapphire Necklaces

If you’re going for a formal or classy look, consider a necklace with a gold or silver chain and a dazzling, medium to large-sized sapphire pendant. Blue sapphire stands out well against black fabric and other dark, formal colors. You won’t need to go out and buy a new dress for every special occasion when you restyle the dress that’s already in your closet with sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire earrings are perfect for any outfit, especially when you know the blue sapphire meanings. Blue sapphire is said to bring about happy, light moods and make every day a little brighter. Whether you’re wearing a casual look to the coffee shop or business wear to work, grab those sapphire earrings to give your outfit and your mood a much-needed boost!

Sapphire Rings

If you love rings, it’s time to add a few sapphire rings to your jewelry box. Rings with small, embedded sapphires are perfect for a casual look and can be worn no matter what you’ll be doing with your day. A ring with one to three center sapphire stones is ideal for a more formal or upscale look, particularly when you won’t be getting your hands dirty—but the good news is that sapphire is a harder stone, and isn’t likely to scratch even if your ring will undergo some wear and tear.

Sapphire Bracelets

If you’re going sleeveless or wearing another outfit that leaves your wrists bare, reach for a sapphire bracelet or two. Sapphire bracelets can be the height of luxury and a single sapphire bracelet can reveal your excellent taste. You can also stack sapphire-embedded bangles to give even a casual look more texture, excitement, and intrigue—as well as that jingling sound that makes bangles so fun!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sapphire Jewelry

If you love to boost a look, it’s time to get some sapphire jewelry. Use this guide to know when to pair sapphire jewelry with formal looks, casual looks, and everything in between. We know that you’re a creative dresser, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with different pairings.

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