5 Creative ways to fund travel

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Travel is a rewarding experience that brings many benefits. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and being exposed to different cultures all makes you a more rounded person. Travel isn’t cheap, though. Accommodation, transport, and even everyday sundries can all add up fast, so here are some creative ways to fund your next journey.

#1 Get sponsored

This is sometimes considered the reserve of high-paid influencers on social media who approach travel companies and receive a stipend to travel with them. In reality, though, anybody (with a little ingenuity) can get sponsored to travel. If any part of your travel involves charity or volunteer work, there are lots of businesses and organizations that will be willing to sponsor you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to several and mix funding. Even a small amount to pay for a flight or accommodation can make a massive difference to your budget. Your sponsors will usually be able to garner good publicity from your actions, so this is a win-win situation.

#2 Turn it into work

There are lots of well-publicized ways to turn a holiday into a working holiday. It’s not unheard of for people to move from place to place, taking part-time jobs to fund their next trip. If you’re a driver, you can go even further. Freight delivery is a fantastic way to see the world, and drivers can be fully freelance, picking jobs according to their location and long-term plans. For a range of delivery jobs in any given area, check out the boards for truck loads at https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads. Drivers can scroll through these, find one that fits their desired route, and hit the road. This is a wonderful way to fuse travel with work, and drivers can see the world at their own pace. Just be sure that all your insurance is in place before you begin.

#3 Teach English

Following on from the previous point, there isn’t quite as much flexibility associated with teaching, but it can still be lucrative. Most countries have a high demand for English teachers, so if you hold a degree and the right qualifications, it’s easy to take advantage. You can opt to teach in a school (although this will mean staying in one place for a long time) or go fully remote, teaching online. Teaching English online is quickly becoming associated with the digital nomad community, travelers who cross the world while working remotely. Tuition is one area in which there will always be demand.

#4 Sell travel articles

It seems like the dream job, but many travel publications still lack articles, and there’s a real demand for original, global content. If you have a flair for English, you can pitch articles to an assortment of magazines, hoping to get accepted by one or two. The beauty of this method is that you usually won’t have to write the article until it’s been accepted, saving some time. Better still, if you’re able to build up a relationship with a magazine, this might lead to full-time employment in the future. Getting articles accepted can be difficult to start with, and the money won’t be enough on its own to pay for travel, but every little bit makes a contribution to your funds.

#5 Become an influencer

Last but not least, influencer is a nebulous term that’s hard to describe. It’s generally applied to anyone with a large social media following who charges for people to advertise on their feed. Travel influencing is big businesses, perhaps the second largest area after fashion and beauty. You’ll need an innate knowledge of social media algorithms, a good quality camera (although most smartphones now have this as standard), and the creative flair to produce stunning eye-grabbing content. Influencers are paid by the resorts they stay at, people who want to advertise with them, and even large travel companies. Gaining that initial following is hard work, but a little research in the area of social media, coupled with creative drive, can get you there. Social media fame has a tendency to snowball, meaning that once you have your first few followers, it becomes far easier to gain more.

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