5 Free and Fun Ways to Improve Your Fitness

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Fun Fitness

Adding fun and fitness together almost seems outrageous. It’s a typical mentality for people to relate to fitness and exercising with strenuous muscle activity and tiresome heavy sweating.

What if I told you adding fun into your fitness will not only improve your cardio, but it will also make you a smiling fit individual. Let us see some fun-fitness activities you could incorporate in your exercise schedule.

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Fun Fitness Activities

Listen to Music

Listening to music is one of the simplest activities you can mesh with your fitness routine. It may sound simple, but it goes such a long way.

Now that’s my jam!

Select a good playlist before starting your fitness routine and play it all through the exercise. You will not even notice the hard cardio or the time passing by as you enjoy your favorite selects while having fun-fitness.

This is because good music helps you relax and makes your exercise move swiftly and become enjoyable.

Give Yourself a Challenge

Among the fun fitness activities is to challenge yourself. Give yourself mini challenges to achieve so that you can make fitness more fun. Challenges like ‘Today I will go up to 100 skips instead of yesterday’s 50’.

You could even involve your buddy and compete in things like whoever lasts on the treadmill the longest will treat the other to lunch. These minor challenges will increase the fun in the fitness routine you may have.

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Dance It Off

If you’re the type to hate cardio exercises or going to the gym but still want to be physically fit, then a fun way of doing so is signing up for dance classes. This can be quite fun.

It may also work if you have a busy schedule during the day, you could take in the best caffeine pills to give you the energy to dance away in the night hours when you feel like so.

Enjoy the Outside More

Among the fun-fitness, ideas are to enjoy the outside more. Get out of the comfort of your couch and take a walk to your favorite spot in your local environment, run, take a hike, or ride a bike.

Like a tourist, to make this exercise of walking more fun-fitness, take pictures of what catches your eye. This will improve your fitness level as opposed to watching tv the whole day.

Spice Up Your Home to Fitness

Among the fun ways to exercise at home is to incorporate home fitness tools inside your home. Things like placing yoga mats just beside your bed, hanging a resistant band on your doorknob, or using a stability ball as your home office desk chair for engaging the core goes a long way to fun-fitness workouts.

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Fun Fitness Facts

Here below lies some of the proven fun fitness facts;

  • It is noted that listening to music while working out usually improves fitness fast by 15%.
  • Physical Exercise activities, including dancing, usually assist in the generating of new brain cells, this increases brainpower and your brain’s activity. Therefore, enjoying cardio makes your brain super!
  • Running for 10 minutes in a mile makes you burn at least 104.3 calories.
  • No one likes aging. Therefore, challenging yourself to exercise for 45 minutes at least three times a week removes those wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • When you make a habit of exercising, your immune system gets stronger so that you get sick less often as opposed to not exercising.
  • Physical exercise makes your body fit and increases the number of productions of a hormone called endorphin that makes you more productive. That is why you get energy once you finish an exercise routine.
  • Want that glowing skin? Well having a fun exercise helps you sweat well, and this removes the dirt through the pore reducing the chances of breakouts and acne. In turn, it creates glowing skin.
  • There is so much rejuvenation in working out that it increases your self-esteem as fun-fitness makes you feel confident and great.
  • Finally, free fun-fitness helps you to sleep much better as it clears your mind and gives you a relaxed mood.

Fun Fitness Equipment

Air Walker Trainer Glider

Fun, isn’t it?

With this fun fitness equipment, we guarantee you will feel as though you are walking on air. As you can see from above, grabbing the glider’s handles will help you start the motion to stride. It engages both your upper and lower body.

Trek Pad Treadmill

This low impact machine also helps you work on your lower and upper body. As you step on the trek pad treadmill, you will fill fun-fitness workouts on air as you stride. The more you increase the pace, the more you enjoy an intensive fun workout.

Tandem Stepper

Remember how we said as a fun-fitness activity you could involve a buddy and give each other challenges; well, this equipment is fun fitness equipment to use with a partner. You can also use it independently, but why not involve a buddy along for motivation!

The tandem stepper mainly targets the lower body, including the thighs and the glutes.


What other best way to exercise is doing it with a trampoline? This can be fun fitness for kids, and with the holiday season coming up, you can put it in the fitness gifts category to give your friends and family.

Start by jumping slowly to gain rhythm before going on full blast physical jumping.

Row-And-Ride Machine

With this equipment, you can do squats with great comfort while working on your lower body. It has adjustable bands of resistance and integrates the rowing function for a full body work out. Squats have never been better!

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There are many more fun fitness activities you could do including cycling and skipping rope. All this with effectively fun exercise equipment that goes along with them.

What other fun fitness ideas do you have in mind? Drop us a comment! We are eager to hear what you have to say.

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