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5 Great Things About Living in Virginia Beach, VA

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Are you curious about what it’s like living in Virginia Beach? In one word, life in Virginia Beach is comfortable. A permanent vacation if you will.

Virginia Beach has some of the top attractions in the United States and was named the fourth-best beach destination in the U.S. by TripAdvisor. Below we’ll cover the top five reasons you should consider extending your Virginia Beach stay into a move! 

1. Beach

It’s in the name, but the beach is one of the greatest attractions for locals and tourists alike. Moderate Virginia climates mean this beach can be enjoyed all year round. In the summer, Oceanfront Beach gets packed with tourists.

Luckily there are over seven other beaches to choose from and even some reserved for residents only. 

2. Boardwalk

The boardwalk stretches the length of the ocean so you can enjoy stunning views while eating fried oysters and playing arcade games. Families can rent tandem bikes for sunset strolls.

Go for a boardwalk horseback ride or hop on one of the amusement rides, for elevated views of the Atlantic. There’s never a shortage of things to be done on the boardwalk.

3. Culture

Virginia Beach is a melting pot of culture. This means there’s never a shortage of events celebrating and educating on diverse interests and backgrounds. Enjoy seasonal festivals like the Neptune Festival or Sand Sculpture Contest.

There’s also a big art, history, and patriotic culture here.

4. Climate

Another plus? The sun almost always shines here. This makes Virginia Beach a great place to save on electricity with expert solar panel installation

If you love the seasons but hate extreme weather, count your lucky stars. Virginia Beach is the place for you. 

Living in Virginia Beach you’ll experience moderate spring, summer, fall, and winter. The climate here allows you to enjoy the seasons without being overburdened by them.

Not only is Virginia Beach a great place to enjoy all the seasons of the earth, but it’s also a great place to experience the seasons of life. 

5. Education

Virginia Beach is great for singles, retired couples, and families raising children. The excellent school systems are one of the many pros of living in Virginia Beach. 

You’ll find some of those top schools situated at the heart of the city. Ocean Lakes, Princess Anne, and Salem to name a few. 

And for college? Virginia has some of the most notable public schools such as UVA and JMU, where you’ll score the reduced in-state tuition as a Virginia resident. 

Convinced About Living in Virginia Beach?

Buying a home in Virginia Beach doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now, does it? Enjoy the beach all year round, spend evenings on the boardwalk surrounded by great food and fresh ocean air. Plan for your family’s future with a prime geographic real estate investment and attend some of the country’s best schools. 

These are just five benefits of buying a home in Virginia Beach. But why not experience living in Virginia Beach for yourself?

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