5 Great Tips for Choosing a Career Path You’ll Love

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About 4.4 million people quit their jobs in May 2022. If you’re interested in a career change, take the time to explore your passions. Choosing a career path today could give you more life fulfillment for years to come!

Not sure how to choose a career at this point in your life? Read on for the tips you need to make an informed decision today!

1. Consider Your Interests

First, take a moment to consider who you are and what you love. Make a list of your:

  • Values
  • Soft skills
  • Aptitudes
  • Passions
  • Interests

You might want to consider taking a personality test, too. Gathering more insight into yourself could help you determine which occupations suit your interests and abilities.

There are also career and self-assessment tests available online. These tests can provide you with a list of occupations you can use while completing the rest of these tips.

Otherwise, consider talking to a career counselor! A career development professional can help you review your options as you search for a job that suits your needs.

2. Build a List

Start creating a list of different careers to explore further. Use the tools you used in the step above to build a document listing different occupations. Put a star next to any options that spark your interests.

Determine which occupations seem most appealing to you. You can explore these options further to determine if they suit your needs.

Try to narrow your list down to about 10 different career paths. Add a little information about each occupation to your document. For example, you might make note of:

  • Educational requirements
  • Training requirements
  • Job descriptions
  • Licensing requirements
  • Advancement opportunities

For example, you can look at this training if you’re interested in maritime careers.

You can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Outlook article for more information.

3. Conduct Interviews

Gather more in-depth research by speaking with someone who works in the profession you’re considering. They can give you a firsthand account of what each career entails.

4. Outline Goals

Make a list of your career goals. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to specialize in specific skills
  • Am I aiming for a management role
  • What are my strengths

Consider developing a five- and 10-year plan for yourself. Establishing a five- and 10-year plan can help you determine how you want to progress in your new career over time.

5. Make a Choice

Once you’ve gathered this information, review your notes. Pick an occupation you think suits your abilities, interests, and goals.

Remember, your choice isn’t permanent. Many people change career paths at least a few times during their life. If you find the choice you made doesn’t suit you, return to your list.

Once you’ve made your choice, write a career action plan to ensure you accomplish your goals.

Simplify Choosing a Career Path Today

Finding a job based on your passions and abilities shouldn’t feel complicated. Instead, use these five tips to simplify the process. With these tips, choosing a career path will feel like a breeze.

Then, get ready to enjoy your new job!

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