5 Ideas for Travel Bloggers During Lockdown

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The traveler inside you must be carving for its nutrition as travel bloggers are at home. Packing bags give it energy; landing gear contact with the ground gives it a thump and apatite for experiences keeps it alive. But what are the top ideas for travel bloggers during the lockdown?

Times will change and situations will get better soon. Travel lovers got a major setback with Covid-19 but researchers say that the industry will bounce back fairly quickly once pandemic goes on its downfall.

Travel bloggers around the globe are stuck and home quarantined as 95% of international flights are on hold. This gives them ample time to work on the things that are often ignored or procrastinated due to their travel. Check out these 5 ideas for travel lovers during the lockdown.

Sort your memories

If you are traveling for a while now, you must be having a lot of pictures, souvenirs, gifts or grabbed stuff from the places you have been to.

Lockdown is a perfect time to check those out again. Select and place your favorite pictures on the wall, don’t forget to laugh on the embarrassing pictures. Share them with the loved ones. Decorate your home with those special souvenirs that you always wanted to have.

Prepare for future travels

Unplanned travels are the best ones but with some planning, you can always complete your checklist. It’s the best time to list down the places, culture, food, language, and music you want to experience in your upcoming travels. Songs with the city names give a strange happiness when you actually plan to visit those.  Check out these songs for keeping your traveler alive. Learn some words/phrases of a few foreign languages; it’s a killing idea when interacting with locals. Read about one of the famous arts I love from the pink city Jaipur.

Collaborate with Bloggers

If you have been busy with your own travel and ideas, it’s the best time to check out others. Follow the bloggers/vlogger on YouTube, IGTV and on their blogs. It’s the perfect time to get inspiration from their ideas, style, and patterns. Try to send them a quick note and get yourselves introduced, alter all its all about networking and growing.

Get your Kit Ready

Life and travel after COVID-19 will not be as before. Its time to order a few essentials for travel like sanitizers, trendy facemasks, wet wipes, gloves. It’s a good break to repair and maintain your key essentials like camera, tripods, selfie-sticks, hard-drive, go-pro.

Make your relations stronger than ever

Traveling and roaming make it difficult to stay in touch with all of your loved ones. It’s the best time to regain that love and connection. We all are at home and have more time than we ever had for our friends and family. Talking to them, sharing your experiences with them, or even apologizing for your busy schedules before could be a really good and reviving idea.


There are other catchy ideas that will improve you as a traveller and will make you more of a mature one:

  • Watch a movie in a local language of your next destination (with Subtitles of course)
  • Read a book about the art and culture of your next destination
  • Do Yoga and increase immunity with super healthy food.
  • Check out and imagine new poses (sometimes travel is all about the pictures)

Hopes are high and the beliefs are stronger than ever. We’ll travel again!      

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