5 Times You May Need to Hire a Disability Lawyer

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Did you know that Americans file over 2 million disability claims every year?

Some disability claims and cases are very straightforward. The individual is awarded their claim with few (if any) questions asked.

Oftentimes, though, it’s not that easy. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims, and there’s also instances of disability discrimination in the workplace.

Are you struggling with your disability claim? Here are five sure signs it’s time to hire a disability lawyer.

1. Your Claim Was Denied

Many insurers deny perfectly valid claims in the hopes that you’ll get discouraged and give up (which means they don’t have to pay). With a disability lawyer on your side, these initially unsuccessful claims can become success stories the second time around.

A lawyer will review your case and see if there’s anything you may have missed, such as a deadline, a document, or more evidence. Then they’ll help you build a better, stronger case with a higher chance of approval.

2. You Don’t Fully Understand Your Rights

Not sure what questions to ask about your case?

Join the club. Legalese is purposely complicated to ensure it’s difficult (if not impossible) for the layperson to understand.

Unless you have a law background yourself, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. You may hear different things from different insurance companies, doctors, websites, and well-meaning friends. A lawyer can help you sift facts from fiction and give you a clearer understanding of your rights.

3. You’re Getting the Runaround

Another common tactic insurance companies use is the old-fashioned runaround technique. They may say they never received your claim or a requested document. Or they may put you on hold every time you call or refuse to respond to your emails.

Rather than waste more of your precious time and energy, hire a disability lawyer who can and will communicate with the insurer on your behalf.

4. You’re the Victim of Disability Discrimination

Insurance companies aren’t the only “bad guys” out there. Sometimes you may fight a battle with your employer upon your return to work.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires employers to make reasonable concessions for employees with disabilities. However, this doesn’t always happen in reality. If you’ve been demoted or you’re being harassed because of your disability, it’s time to call an attorney.

5. You’re Seriously Stressed Out

Perhaps the best reason to consider hiring a disability lawyer is to take the burden off your shoulders. If you’re recovering from an illness or injury, that should be your primary focus — not a legal battle over your claim.

Leave your claim in the hands of a legal expert so you can focus on your recovery!

Do You Need to Hire a Disability Lawyer?

No matter where you are in the disability claim process, a disability lawyer can make your life easier. Most importantly, they’ll fight for you to ensure you get the fair compensation you deserve.

If hiring a disability lawyer seems like the right path for you, look for a qualified attorney in your area today!

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