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5 Unique Baking Toppings For You To Try

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Baking is an art, and cake making even more so. If you want to get creative there are so many ways you can go with this.

Let’s say you have been baking for some years, and now you are looking for a way to spruce up your baking style a little, you could go in any direction.

Many people will know that Netflix recently aired a new show all about making cakes look like things that aren’t cake. Think it’s a purse? No, it’s cake! Is it a plant? No, it’s cake!

That is one way you can get weird and wonderful with your baking. However, if you are not quite ready to delve into the world of things that are cake but do not look like cake, then you can start by experimenting with weird baking toppings.

Really, anything can be a topping if you think hard enough. If you can eat it, it can be a cake topping. If you love chilies, why not make jalapeño icing? If you enjoy cookies, why not crush up some cookies and turn the cookie crumbs into a topping?

There are so many ways you can go with this!

Weird But Wonderful!

Did you know that you can get genuine silver leaf sheets? That’s right edible silver sheets! What to make a cake that looks like it could be a sword, or perhaps a mirror? Silver sheets! Oh, yes!

This is made from Vark which is a fine filigree foil of pure metal. It is usually silver, but can also be gold, and it is often used in South Asian candies and food as decoration.

It is flavorless but edible, made simply by pounding the silver into a sheet less than a micrometer thick.

While this is totally wild, and something you would never have thought of, we are here to give you even more ideas on what weird and wonderful things you can put on top of your cakes. Some of these ingredients can go into your cakes too!

Anything can be a baking topping, if you let your creative side run wild!


You might look at a jar of mayonnaise and never picture it on a cake, but mayonnaise can be used in baking a lot more than you think.

It has a unique tang to it, and it brings this out in very sweet cakes, such as chocolate cakes, giving it that special something. Mayonnaise is also a great way to substitute oil or fat in your baking.

So, if you find that you often use fats in your recipes this can be a great replacement. It can go in or out of your cake. But if you want it as a topping, consider your recipe for the icing.

Perhaps if you find you typically include butter in your topping, use some mayonnaise instead to mix it, and you may find the cake gets a unique different flavor.

We would certainly use mayonnaise as a topping with things such as carrot cake!


Breakfast on cake? What! Other breakfast cereals have made their way into desserts so why not cornflakes too? They are crunchy and can add a wonderful texture to your cakes.

These actually go wonderful on the base of ice cream cake, or in the middle! Yum! However, as a topping they can add something special. Put your icing on, and shove some cornflakes on there for that special crunch.

You could even crush them up to give your cake an almost nutty texture. If you are all out of nuts for your cake, grind up some cornflakes into little bits and sprinkle it on top. No one will even notice the difference!

Potato Chips

We often think of cake being more similar to chocolate, a sweet item, whereas potato chips are savory, so you wouldn’t think you can mix the two. But you can.

If you like the sweet and salty mix you can get with popcorn, you will love potato chips with cake.

You can crush these up and sprinkle them on top, however, it depends on what kind of cake you are making.

Incorporate your favorite potato chips in different ways. It doesn’t have to be Lays!

Want to add something cheesy to your cake, grab the Cheetos, crush them up and sprinkle them on top like a powder! You can have chocolate powder, why not Cheetos powder!

Edible Glitter

Glitter gets everywhere, we are certain you have probably unintentionally eaten some glitter at some point in your life. However, what if you were to intentionally eat it?

Sure glitter is annoying and gets everywhere, but you can add the elements of childhood fun and wonder that it brings into your cakes.

Bake something delicious and include some edible glitter to it.

It is super easy to use, and it pairs with buttercream like a dream! If you sprinkle on some edible glitter while the buttercream is still fresh then it will stick nice and easy. However, if your icing is hard you will want to add a bit of icing to get the glitter to stick.

Or your glitter will be less fun and more annoying.

Fondant Succulents.

Succulents are evermore popular these days, and if you are making a cake for a friend who is a succulent parent then this is a great idea for them.

You can easily make a whole cake that looks just like a succulent. Or just get creative and make some mini succulents with icing. It will take some time to get the icing just right, but practice makes perfect, and this can get you well on your way to a whole other world of cake art.

If you want to try this, you could try this with many other things. It is always worthwhile looking out for cake stencils you can get online to make icing molds of fun things.

Let your imagination run wild!

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