6 Challenge for Universities During Pandemic

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Pressures on the universities

Most of the universities are facing a lack of funds in this pandemic because no new admissions are taking place right now. As a result, these are encountered with compensatory pressures, originated form pupils and parents, especially from the Regulator Office for students. The foremost challenge for universities is seeking as many students returning to campus as soon as possible so that there is a source of funding to the universities. While the critical situation of a pandemic does not allow to reopen institutes completely, so they have to wait for the right time. While there are some universities which are weaker in financial situation, those are seeking new admissions for first year’s classes so that they can collect enough funds to run out the systems of the university. These universities desperately need cash from new entrees otherwise may go to shut down of campuses.

Fears of a pandemic

The other challenge for universities is, there exist risks of the spread of the pandemic if universities are opened soon without taking safety measures for the second wave of infectious disease. If they are failed to maintain security measures, it will cause a lot of loss in the shape of casualties and infected persons. No doubt, one must follow social distance and scientific standards to prevent the spread of infection, but still, it cannot be denied to a whole. It is easy to say that management will imply rules regarding safety measures, but when it comes to practice, it seems impossible. Suppose, if there is a class of forty students, then to maintain social distancing, it would be divided into four groups, resulting in need of more faculty and lecture rooms. In contrast, it will be complicated to handle those four groups at the same time for one lecture. Likewise, questions are manifold, but the authorities will fail to answer these in the practical sense.

Timetable management for lectures

The universities are planning to cut short the lecture duration, to avoid long time contracts on the campus. The universities can arrange some of the lectures online, while some can be conducted in lecture halls so that there is a minimum interaction among pupils. The lectures of three hours of in-person teaching should be reduced to one hour only while giving remaining time to the online classes. So time slot management is again proving to be a big challenge for universities’ smooth functioning. Parents are still worried about their children to send them to universities to attend classes. Some of the students are also not willing to rejoin campuses now, as they are protecting themselves and their relatives from the exposure of this pandemic disease. It is estimated that six out of ten pupils are not willing to come to campus for attending lectures, the universities should arrange those pupils for online classes. Essay writing service has also announced discount packages for students to help them in their assignments and other academic tasks.

Now, it is a tricky task for timetable management offices, who seriously do not know how to add pupils in which groups, either to add them in campus learning or for online learning. Confusions are all the way, as many students do not understand the legacy of emails sent from management, and no distinct policy is made still to assign them in groups. The students who wish to attend lectures from home should be assigned to an online group of classes, while those who are willing to come campus and want to learn in person should be assigned in campus classes maintaining the real strength of a class for social distancing. All these challenges for universities seem to end no soon analyzing the current prevailing situation

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Accommodation alerts

The other main risk factor is the opening of hostels for pupils, as when pupils will back they will accommodate in university hostels. While most of the universities own these hostels or get these on the lease, it is mandatory to check all the rooms for size for sure and ventilation also. As in pandemic, it is risky to allow the bulk of students to accommodate in one place, rooms should be allotted keeping in view of social distancing, and cleansing should be done on a regular basis. All the entrances and exits should remain intact, preventing the interaction of pupils. The corridors and halls should be marked up for only one direction movement to avoid any type of interaction. At the same time, narrow passages and sealed windows cause a significant disturbance in maintaining safety measures. In practice, it is a big challenge for universities to manage all these precautions while bounded in limited resources. It can easily encourage the spread of infections among pupils, which can lead to a colossal disaster.

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Transport issues

Most of the pupils use university buses for pick and drop facility, and the matter is that these buses are fully occupied of students who may induce a rapid increase in the spread of coronavirus. At the same time, those pupils who use public transport for this purpose are also at risk of getting the disease. The authorities should make a brief policy for this issue, university buses can be managed somehow, but the main problem is the transport of students in public buses. The university management cannot impose its restrictions on public buses, and students should flunk the use of public buses and prefer to walk on foot and use of cycles for going to campuses. While in university buses, there should be a limitation of passengers to maintain social distance along with mandatory masks and gloves to wear. If authorities fail to maintain a proper system of safety measures, it will lead to a massive disaster in the education sector also affecting the whole community. Unfortunately, no one is assigned there to assess the safety elements involved in reopening if educational institutes.

A terrific challenge for university management

Now, for the successful reopening of universities in order to secure the health of students and teachers, it involves much time consuming and multifaceted tasks to set timetables for all students, perform room assessments, and most important maintenance of safety measures in the campus. Of course, these tasks cannot be rushed, and these are a matter of the standard of education and health securities. Some universities may need extra staff and faculty to perform these tasks properly, and it will result in increased expenditures. Shortage of funds is already a challenge for universities so there are many factors to ponder upon before reopening universities. The pandemic has ruined the whole system of education and consistency, and it is now a challenging task for the administration of universities to restart studies in a profound manner taking care of both the students and faculty members.

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