6 Tips and tricks to boost your organic Facebook traffic

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Too often, companies spend days developing a marketing campaign for Facebook only to see their post go live and display very little traffic or engagement. You think right away what went wrong or what if no-one likes your brand? Don’t go down the dark rabbit hole, because even some of the biggest brands are still struggling with a Facebook organic scope or Facebook traffic.

In reality, in the first two quarters of 2016, SocialFlow discovered brands saw a 42 percent decline in Facebook’s organic reach. In comparison, brands reported a 52 percent decrease (10 percentage point drop) on Facebook Pages, data shown by the third quarter of 2016. Let’s be honest – Facebook’s organic reach is incredibly difficult for those who want to raise their profile without advertising. Yet there are ways to make your coverage stronger and create a Facebook audience.

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Here are six tips to help increase Facebook traffic:

Use Facebook as a community hub:

Do you have trouble building up your Facebook Business Page? Ask yourself why on Facebook people should even follow you? When there is no incentive for hitting the Like button, first, most users won’t bother. But giving consumers a rhyme and a reason to press “Like” on your page will sweeten the pot a little bit. One way marketers are increasing their community on Facebook is by making a hub for discussions. If it’s weekly talks, a location for digital business meetings, or basic Q&A, it will help to make your Facebook page the go-to venue. Offer something special to your fans which they can only connect on your Facebook page. So people know that there’s a reward to follow and Like your post. This means you have to remain involved, propose constantly new subjects for debate, and concentrate on the element of the community. Bringing users through community building is a perfect way not just to increase interaction but also to make people organically appreciate your brand. The more people your Facebook brand connects with, the more likely your Facebook posts will show up in their feed. Hence improving your Facebook traffic and reach.

Funnel traffic from other pages:

One of the toughest aspects of growing Facebook’s organic reach is creating the initial audience. And a simple way to increase Facebook traffic is to consistently remind audiences of your Facebook presence in other channels. We’re not advocating going crazy with Facebook-linked Tweets and Instagram updates. At the same time, what is the harm of letting people know where to find you inside your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile on Facebook? If not on your website what about? Is there a quick button on your Homepage to Like your Facebook Page? Don’t worry about your website getting overhauled but having more than enough links to your Facebook page will do wonders. Consider posting on which site has the largest audience to contribute to this concept, and remind people that you are on Facebook. Take lessons from the first tip and let people know what to do on Twitter, or what to get in exchange for following you. Open communication is always the best for a good relationship, so why not give your loyal customers that aspect?

Find and collaborate with Influencers:

To piggyback on the last tip, social media influencers are another platform you might use to get more Facebook traffic on. With the right plan in place, those power users will push credible traffic to your Facebook page. According to MuseFind, over an ad or celebrity endorsement, 92 percent of consumers are more likely to trust a social media influencer. Although this is not the most “fresh” way to boost traffic as influencers also have a price tag for their work, funneling potential customers is still a method of doing so. You may not find that many influencers are willing to work for free, so consider sweetening the deal with incentives to help promote their brand on your website or by creating links. But you don’t want to get started emailing a bunch of influencers and asking for free work. Nothing wants to open the email – ever.

Instead of blindly emailing, seek to find the perfect match using the influencer search software. BuzzSumo is a perfect location in your industry for finding, evaluating, or identifying non-celebrity influencers. For simple search features, results can be restricted to writers, journalists, companies, or daily social media users who have only positive results. Be alert to verify the findings by looking up influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to make sure they are involved with their followers. If you’re in more general industry, try narrowing down the search terms to find the perfect fit for your business. Track users on social media, connect and communicate with each other and then start exploring collective approaches that can benefit both parties. Tell influencers you’re interested in and tell them about your real problems like “nobody is visiting my Twitter.” Another user-friendly platform is LinkedIn. It is for some reason the largest technical social network. Using LinkedIn’s user search to find those users who are interested and involved in your industry. Again, before sending any spammy emails, consider the following users on multiple profiles.

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Know your optimal time to post on Facebook:

On Facebook, it is hard to tell the difference between being spammy and being attentive. It’s one of the few times people don’t want brands to be too involved out of the big social media networks. Also, a study from 10 studies carried out by CoSchedule discovered the middle ground for posting on Facebook at just once a day. When you pair this with the 2017 Q1 Index revelation by Sprout Social this 29 percent of baby boomers will unfold a brand to spam, it’s easy to see the risks of overposting. That is why brands need to be careful when publishing, and how much. Now that you know that your brand is seldom to post more than once a day, what time will you publish? Knowing the ideal Facebook posting times is wise and thankfully, we’ve done work on the best times to share on social media to get engaging traffic.

Schedule consistent content:

It’s time to make sure the content is reliable to pull traffic, after knowing how much and when to post on Facebook. Although it may not seem like a vital element to your organic reach on Facebook, it’s all consistent content. Think of what social media really means to your clients – it’s a contact channel where you want to create a friendship. When you just participate or post multiple times a month, or seek different types of content, you don’t establish a consistent communication route.

Increasing organic reach or traffic on Facebook is about being persistent with your content and being reliable. Basically, when you post in relative themes, you create trust with the users. For example, Groupon is popular for its numerous sales, which would make it out of place to post a news article. The business is also posting Mother’s Day sales and other important material that does not necessarily shock readers. Certain brands which rely on topical events, however, that need to update content to suit breaking news or updates from the industry. The main goal should be to offer material that your target audience needs.

As we have said, consistency is all about your strategy for social media material. Yet there are other ways to make sure that the holidays, product changes, or new marketing campaigns are reliable. Make sure it is evergreen content marketing which can lead to organic traffic.  It begins with intuitive scheduling tools on social media. You can conveniently arrange all of your Facebook posts through several accounts, days, or weeks in advance, using apps like Sprout Social. Our calendar on social media allows you to view your scheduled content across all platforms so that your entire team is on track with what’s being released.

Don’t just rely on Organic Content:

Last but not least, using as many different platforms for Facebook is in your best interest – which includes paid advertising. Facebook has quickly developed into one of the largest paid social ad channels. This means you have to integrate paid tactics into an effective marketing campaign for Facebook you may use Facebook Commerce manager for this. Unless you rely exclusively on organic Facebook approaches, you will be losing opportunities to expand your audience. Yet if you don’t find your plan organic, your Facebook Business Page would be bland to your fans. We understand that some brands may consider ads on Facebook a bit pricy, but organic content will help you save in the long run.

To evaluate and check the organic material to see what works best. When you understand what your audience is searching for, the company can also use the same marketing tactics for paid advertising. It’s also smart to A / B check material on both paid and organic platforms. When it comes to the paid and organic content, the consumers seem to behave differently. Luckily, you can monitor your interaction through organic platforms with Sprout Social, and even respond to comments on paid Facebook posts.

Be smart about your Facebook strategy and use organic content to maximize reach on the most popular social media site in the world!

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