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You might have seen unique custom boxes with handles in a retail store or for a food takeaway. This innovatively styled packaging is known as gable boxes. They do not only look different and attractive in shape but they are designed in a way to hold your products firmly and securely. Whether you have a retail packaging business or food delivery service, a gable box is the most popular packaging option. It gives a unique identity to your brand making it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you can advertise your products more effectively by using such packaging. Let us have a look at some interesting facts about gable boxes wholesale that are worth considering: 

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Gable Boxes Are Flexible:

One of the most amazing things about gable boxes is that you can use them for a variety of products. Whether you have a clothing brand and want to package your beautiful bakery creations, gable boxes bulk can be customized according to your product’s requirement. It’s the reason that more and more brands are using these boxes to grab the customers’ attention. You can even pack several items together in large gable boxes by using inserts. Go for a variety of printing and design options to make your packaging more appealing.

When it comes to brand promotion, nothing can perform better than gable boxes wholesale. You do not need to spend much on them. Such packaging easily meets your marketing goals. They provide you a good space to print all the necessary information your customers want. You can advertise your brand more professionally by printing gable boxes with your business name, logo, or slogan. Use bold typography, eye-catchy colors, and attractive graphics to fulfill your marketing needs.

Protects Your Products The Best:

Some people have a misconception that gable packaging is not as sturdy as other types of custom boxes. Best quality cardboard is used for their manufacturing. It provides good resistance against damage. However, if you want to skip cardboard, other durable options include Kraft paper or paperboard. Kraft is also a highly protective material. It enhances your brand image due to its eco-friendly nature. The durability of these boxes makes them worth considering for transportation and shipping purposes.

A Perfect Packaging Solution For A Variety Of Products:

Another interesting fact about gable boxes bulk is that they are suitable enough for almost every type of product. It’s your choice which size you choose, you will get amazing features. Whether you want to package jewelry, perfumes, candles, gifts, fast food, confectioneries, or any other retail commodity, a gable box is an ideal packaging solution. Customize them according to the holiday season to make them more attractive for buyers. For example, if it’s Christmas, design limited edition gable boxes according to the theme of the event. Such packaging will tempt the customers and motivate them to make an instant purchase.

Recyclable In Nature:

Nowadays, customers prefer eco-friendly packages. They don’t want to purchase from brands that contribute towards environmental threats. If you want to save your brand from the customers’ backlash, these gable boxes are an ideal packaging solution. They are designed from recyclable material. It’s your choice whether you want to use cardboard, paperboard, or Kraft paper. Kraft is fully recyclable while the other two options are 80-90% recyclable.  Choose any one of them to encourage the customers for reusing and recycling these boxes.

Highly Cost-Effective Option:

If you are concerned about the high cost of gable packaging you are wrong. These boxes are quite a cost-effective option and easily affordable for everyone. You can use them for your personal need as well as for your small or large-scale business.  Even if you have several products to pack, purchasing gable boxes wholesale can make you affordably meet your packaging requirements. Some manufacturers go for bulk purchases to cut down the cost. These boxes are available in multiple sizes and are worth investing in. You may get a good return. Such packaging offers you a free brand advertisement, product protection, increased sales, and an enhanced brand image. Paying a little more to get all these benefits is sensible.

Interesting Customizations:

The main thing which enhances the display of your gable boxes is interesting customization options. Gable packaging is so versatile that you can easily create a design of your choice to give it an exclusive look. It’s your choice whether you want to create simple white/brown gable boxes or design them with advanced printing to make them more impressive. Use your branding specifications to meet your business needs. The more creativity you introduce in your packaging, the more fascinating it looks. Never forget to include a branded logo as it plays a significant role in representing your business professionally. Use eye-catchy color schemes, attractive fonts, and graphics to add more value to your packaging. CMYK and PMS color models are popular these days. Once your gable boxes and ready, embellish them with special finishing effects like embossing, debossing, UV coating, aqueous coating, metallic foiling, and a lot more to enhance their display. Add ribbon, bows, tags, and custom stickers to the box. However, avoid too much detail to look complicated. The boxes are themselves so wonderful in shape that keeping them simple can do all for you. For kids, design them with bright and eye-catchy colors and different animations.

Best For Food Delivery:

The gable boxes are most popular for storing and delivering food products. They are designed from food-safe material that makes them a preferred choice of businesses. The food from restaurants, takeaways, or bakery needs to be put in some durable containers that carry them safely to the home.  The packaging makes a great option as you can get it in the right size according to your need. The material acts as a perfect barrier against dust, pests, moisture, contamination, and other chemical pollutants. It also keeps your food safe from unwanted odors and temperature changes. The material also possesses high tear resistance. Delivering the food in perfect condition creates a good impression for your business.

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