8 Places to Visit in and near Kasol

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Kasol is popularly known as ‘Little Amsterdam’ as it has a lot of hippie activities and ‘Mini Israel’ due to the numerous Israeli tourists and Hebrew cafes around. It is located on the banks of River Parvati and has scenic beauty like no other. From Rave parties to temples- Kasol has it all and hence makes up for a popular tourist destination. In this post, you will get a complete guide about places to visit near Kasol:

Chalal Trek

Chalal is a small village in Himachal Pradesh and is popularly known for its Trance and Psychedelic Parties. Marijuana Cultivation is the primary occupation of the farmers there. You can reach the campsite here on foot. Enjoy the gushing river and delicious breakfast.  After relaxing at the campsite for a little while, get ready for trekking. This is one of the important places to visit near Kasol. This trek takes about 2 hours with numerous small breaks. You can buy souvenirs from the various Israeli shops present. Return to the campsite by evening and enjoy the bonfire.

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Flea Market, Kasol

Shopping is an important part of any travel so next on the list of places to visit in Kasol is a shopping place. Although the market small, but perfect for hippie shopping. One can find everything from Jimmy Hendrix goodies, night vision glasses, glow-in-dark t-shirt, and accessories to woollen clothes and caps. This market is also perfect for a small evening stroll. Get ready to polish your bargaining skills here.

Stroll by the Parvati River

Strolling down the Parvati river is going to be very relaxing for you. Enjoy the feel of the gushing river, the snow-clad mountains, and waterfalls. This is among the perfect places to visit near Kasol for updating your Facebook cover pages! The flow of the river is fast, so don’t attempt to cross the river on foot; there’s an old bridge for that. Relax on the smooth boulders for as long as you like.

Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is around 6 km from Kasol and is located on the banks of the Beas river. There is a belief here, that the hot springs will wash away all your sins and wrongdoings. Like every gurudwara, Manikaran Sahib too serves delicious Langar. Don’t forget to include this in your list of places to visit near Kasol

Trek to KheerGanga

This trek is 9 km long and takes about 6 hours. It is located deep in Parvati (Kullu) Valley. Enjoy the local food and cafes en route. Enjoy the Rudra Nag temple, waterfall, and beautiful scenery on the way up. As you reach the top of Kheerganga, you will be able to see little blue and yellow huts. Then head for the Parvati Kund at Shiva Temple, natural hot springs, to relax. Enjoy music sessions on the camps set at the top. You are definitely going to check this in the list of places to visit near Kasol

Try Rice Beer

This beer is locally known as ‘Chang’. It is a non-alcoholic, refreshing beverage prepared by the locals of Kasol. It is among the offbeat top things to do in Kasol. This beer is prepared with rice, buckwheat, and sorghum flowers. Unlike alcoholic beverages, this drink is actually considered to be healthy. Although it is available literally everywhere, we recommend trying it out at the Evergreen Cafe. It serves mouthwatering cuisines and a scenic view of mountains. Additional information for beer enthusiasts, another famous drink in Kasol is Langri. Both of these beverages are available at most local shops or even at hotels. No one is going to skip this in places to visit near Kasol.

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Enjoy at Hype Music Festival

Rediscover yourself while taking in the relaxing Himalayas while enjoying music! Local and International DJs play at this festival. This music festival is very famous and lures a lot of tourists every year. This is a one-night event only, so be sure to include this in places to visit near Kasol if you are a music enthusiast and plan accordingly. You can enjoy a barbecue, camping, and local food here.


It will be a mistake if you not have the name of Malana in places to visit near Kasol. Malana, meaning solitude, is located approximately 21 km from Kasol. Malana is disconnected from the rest of the world and is said to have the oldest democracy in the world. Since there is no road, you will have to take on a challenging climb. You can visit this hamlet on the way to Manikaran. You are not allowed to touch anything in the village but are free to roam around. There is a sacred temple you can visit in this ancient hamlet.

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