8 Smart Ways To Take Back Your Time

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You could spend your entire life doing work and personal tasks but feel unaccomplished. We are all tempted to hustle through life, but have you ever thought of balancing things and getting a quality life? We sometimes feel guilty of getting off work and taking a quick break, but we shouldn’t be. We have to give some time to ourselves to avoid physical and mental exhaustion.

However, enjoying life’s bliss means having an efficient work-life balance schedule. We need to manage our time efficiently to accomplish our personal and professional tasks and still have ample time to relax and do the things we love.

Are you always busy and overwhelmed with your daily tasks? Maybe, these smart ways can help you take back your time. Start following these eight smart ways:

Give the first hour to yourself.

Is it a habit checking your phone first thing in the morning? Do not open your work notifications or email in the morning. Your work can wait. Start your day stress-free. Do not start the day by worrying about what to do or what you have missed out. Control and take back your time and mental energy. The first hour of the day should be for yourself. Start your day on something you want to accomplish.

Do not rush and get busy at the start of the day. Break that habit that will detach you from reality. Make yourself feel the present. Grab a coffee, do meditation, or spend time with family– even just for a short while.

Do you start your day right away with work or personal obligations? Make yourself feel relaxed during the first hour of the day; relax and do meditation for an hour. It will help you generate new ideas and gives you more energy for the day. Meditation is an effective alternative that eliminates stressors.

You will probably say you do not have time for these things, but try asking yourself– what would you not mind eliminating for the sake of yourself and family?

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Prioritize three tasks each day

In every time management tip, they would advise you to create a to-do list. How can you efficiently manage and take back your time if you have listed ten tasks to do a day? List down the top 3 priorities you have for the day. These top 3 important tasks will help you strategically manage your schedule for the day. Prioritizing will help you focus on what is more important to accomplish. It will prevent you from doing small tasks that don’t accomplish that much.

Do you ever look back on your busy days, you spent the day doing several small tasks, but you haven’t gotten anything significant done? I know I have been there.

Track time

Think of time as a limited and priceless commodity that you could not turn back. You only have little time to do everything you need and want. So, be honest with yourself about how you want to use your time.

No one else could control your time, it is you who can control what to do with it. Accomplish your personal tasks and professional obligations efficiently by being time conscious. Always track your time. If you know which task is taking most of your time, you will have the chance to fix it.

Concentrate on One Task

Have a clear mind when starting a task. Do not distract yourself with the other pending tasks. If you want to be productive, clear your mind, and concentrate on one task to finish it quickly without any errors. Control yourself from jumping one task to another. Attempting to multitask will not help you become productive.

Having three things going at once will make you feel suffocated. That’s why it is easier to focus on one task and get it done before proceeding to another project.

Make tasks feasible and timely.

Be realistic with what you can accomplish. Do not overestimate the tasks. If you do, it will lead to busyness and rushing tasks resulting in low work quality. Make sure that the tasks you will do today are doable in a day.

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Set “Do Not Disturb” for notifications

When you are at work, remove unnecessary notifications. It will help you clear your mind from constant distractions. Sometimes, checking unnecessary emails and notifications from our social media accounts will drain your time.

Set an automatic “do not disturb” schedule to avoid constant distractions. Check emails and notifications with limitations. Do not do it all day long. Also, inform your family members not to text you, but instead call you for emergencies. It is faster to have a conversation than sending text messages back and forth.

Avoid distractions

Do things swiftly and efficiently. Do not let distractions take your time. Keep your phone away. Close the unnecessary tabs you opened.

If you are fond of watching televisions or surfing the web, limit yourself to 3 to 4 hours per week. Make this schedule and stick to it. If you watch and surf the web for a purposeful activity rather than an unconscious habit, you will take back your time.

Plan for “Off-Work Days”

Allow yourself to have the luxury of time once a week. Let yourself take some time off, without any personal or professional to accomplish. When I say “personal” accomplishments, it includes household chores, obligations, and errands. Take “off-work” days to pamper yourself. “But what how about my house chores? The dishes? How about my dirty laundry?”

There are laundry services and house cleaning services that can take over your obligations. Get a day off and lay off your work to someone else. Same as with your “professional” tasks, if you can assign someone to do it. Give them a summary of how they can accurately do the task right away. Delegate the work efficiently to help your staff understand their role.

These are simple yet smart things that will help you pause and take back your time. The goal of these tips is not to create efficiency, but on how to work better and smarter– bringing change to your daily life.

Enjoy more the things life offers and do the things you love.

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