9 Trailheads Every beginner Need to Put on Your Trails

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At the beginning of 2021, many people tend to reflect on what they have already learned over the past few years and what they wish to learn. Now, we hope that the idea of a fresh start can energize the Salesforce users both professionally and personally. As far as Salesforce trailhead is concerned, beginners and advanced admin users can empower themselves. This article will discuss a few top recommended trails that you need to complete through the 2021 Salesforce Trailhead plans. Then, you may go through it and start making the to-do list.

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Nine trailheads to add to your to-do list

Lead During Challenging Times

The pandemic of COVID-19 made our lives so challenging in 2020, and many of us have faced the worst time in our lifetimes, both at a professional and personal level during these times. Getting into the year 2021, the organizations must drive with a sense of preparedness, hope, and understanding. This trail is important for the leadership teams of the organizations and the individual users at all levels of employment. If organizations succeed in understanding the work culture, then the moral and business outcome can be effectively boosted. In addition, this trail helps lead the team with empathy, develop innovative leadership practices, foster new connections, conduct one-on-one meetings, fine-tune the organization’s alignment, etc.

Measure Your Marketing Impact

Marketing has changed its ways drastically over time, and by the year 2020, empathy has become the key driver of any communication, whether it is B2B or B2C, irrespective of the industry. In this trial, we can enhance the impact of marketing practices through different integrations with tools like Google Analytics 360, which will help users gain better insight into the marketing messages that may resonate better with the target audience through marketing intelligence. Usage of these Salesforce tools will help the marketers better understand the use of messages, language, and setting the right tone to relate to the target audience.

Inclusive Marketing Practices

Even though it is not a trial technically, it is highly recommended to explore this module. It can be an important one in terms of empathizing and understanding your customers, prospects, and leads. This trail is aimed at modern marketers to understand inclusive marketing impact within the organization and with the audiences. Moreover, it will also help users create a better brand image and maintain an inclusive culture in the organization and among the workforces. This Salesforce module is also very important for understanding why we have to measure the impact of marketing messaging by using various marketing tools to integrate with Salesforce. In this module, you will learn more about marketing communications by setting the:

  • Language, tone, and representation
  • Appropriation, context, and stereotyping
  • How to build a process for inclusive review
  • Start a trial and save it etc.

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Discover Sales Cloud

Every team leader’s responsibility is to boost the productivity of your team to grow your business. The trail named Discover Sales Cloud will help you boost your team’s productivity and grow your business to the next level. For those businesses which want to boost sales and revenues in the post-COVID economy, this trail is an important avenue in 2021. This trail will help you to be familiar with the:

  • Basics of Sales Cloud
  • Advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform
  • Growing your business with the Sales Cloud
  • Measuring the sales metrics
  • Lead to Sales features etc.

Get Started with Service Cloud

This trial will help the customer service teams leverage Service Cloud’s advantages for the new Lightning Experience in 2021. This trial mostly discusses:

  • Beginning with your Service Cloud Journey.
  • Administration of Service Cloud.
  • Automation of Case Management.
  • Creating digital engagement across the channels.
  • Agent Experience on Service Cloud etc.

Creating a Sustainable Future

One major need for any business nowadays is sustainability. This Trailhead can also offer the technical know-how needed to the users and also the big picture impact. For those organizations which want to create a sustainable future for your firm, it is a must-need trial to rely on.

Admin Beginner

With this module, you can take your next step in the Salesforce journey. Suppose you have already covered the #AwesomeAdmin module. In that case, you may explore the Salesforce Trailhead database for similar trails, which can help take your Salesforce Admin skills to the next level. Here, you will learn about:

  • Basics of Salesforce Platform
  • Data Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Customization of Lightning Experience
  • User Engagement
  • Mobile App Customization
  • Dashboards & Reports for Lightning
  • Saving the Trai etc.

Prepare for Salesforce Releases

Whether you are a Salesforce admin or user, you need to have an idea about the Salesforce Release process, new features, previews, communications, etc. This is important for the success of any Salesforce organizational user. Additionally, it is important to stay up to date with all the latest Salesforce releases for a modernized customer experience and improve your business results.

Camp B-Well to Enhance Employee Wellbeing

With this trail, users may learn more about the ways as to how Salesforce improves employee well-being with the Camp B-Well program. This will help you better understand the workforce tools, create a well-being culture, understand ways to implement well-being at the workplace, start a healthy challenge within the organization to be mindful, etc. The year 2020 helped us to recognize the need for employee well-being for professional and personal development. Now into 2021, the leadership needs to guide their workforce with a sense of understanding and compassion.

Wrapping Things Up

You may explore these trails to be more competent in 2021. You may also subscribe to the leading Salesforce blogs and updates to know about the latest happenings on Salesforce.

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