A Guide to Ship Packages for Homemade Products

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If you are an aspiring seller striving to make a consistent income from selling your handmade products online, you ought to know how to ship a package. The thing about shipping is that it can make or break how you feel about your business.

When it comes to selling homemade products, you are the maker, and naturally, you spend all your time making items that you want to get out into the world. However, if you see shipping as a hassle, you will be really frustrated about the entire shipment process.

Basically, you will want to snap your fingers and have those packages out the door, and believe it or not, this is doable if you have a system in place.

You will want to ensure to package your products for safe travel. You can also integrate software and websites for postage and shipping labels. Nonetheless, you can also benefit from tools and equipment to get it all going. You ought to prefer printing your shipping labels at home.

Printing your shipping labels at home is a very easy thing to do – it will also enable you to dedicate your time to making and crafting things, which is what your home business is all about.

It is important to mention here that you are not required to be selling dozens of items to qualify yourself for setting up a shipping system. Although you might be shipping a few packages, you can immensely benefit from having software and a printer.

Here is the basic guide to safe shipment of packaged products:

Choose the Right Box

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to packaging your products for safe travel. That said, the first step for any shipping operation is to put the products in a box. So, when you take your handmade products and put them in a box, you should keep in mind that the box can be thrown around in the back of a truck.

Imagine whether your customers would be happy and satisfied with what they get after shipping. Understandably, this might seem traumatic, but this is actually what happens.

Your handmade item will be taken from your house and placed in a truck and then another truck, and it will get thrown around some warehouse, and then probably another truck before it reaches your customer, which is the final destination.

You get the point – you want to make sure that your items are safely packed. Not only is the box the first thing a customer receives, but it is the first bit of branding that gets in their hands, and that tells them about what they can potentially expect from the product that is inside the box.

So, when it comes to packaging for safe travel, you might want to look across your range of products and find the perfect size that will work best for the item. Simultaneously, you will have to select the boxes or mailers that are going to safeguard your homemade items – and if this includes paying a little more for a bubble wrap, or special-sized boxes, it is usually worth it.

Consider the Weight & Shipment Costs

You will also want to consider the bargain between the cost to ship and the potential fees if the customer receives damaged products. Suppose you have a ceramics business and one out of ten of your shopped items comes back broken; you know that it is probably better to pay some more money to ensure the proper packaging, to begin with.

To ensure the safe travel of your packaging, you will also have to consider weight. You might have to decide between a newspaper and a bubble wrap, but the newspaper is heavy, whereas the bubble wrap is just air. You can also opt for automated packaging, such as case erector, to save time and money, especially when your business starts to grow and you have bulk orders coming in.

It is important to mention that the packaging requirements will differ for different items. For instance, if you sell handmade jewelry, you will want to make it a unique personalized customer experience and package each item in a separate gift box, which will provide some of its protection.

Simultaneously, you will want to use bubble mailers as the shipment packaging. So, there is a lot of room to strategize how you prefer shipping your products, especially when you have to strike a fine balance between giving your homemade items ample protection while not bearing extensive shipment costs.

Buy Home Postage

The ideal scenario is that an order comes in, and it either goes directly to some sort of shipping software (automatically), or you manually input the details by copying and pasting them into some shipping program. The next step is to package your product, put it in a shipping box, and it is out of the door – the ideal workflow.

Understandably, this 2-minutes workflow won’t come for free, but it will save you loads of time which is completely worth the small fraction of cost. And as mentioned before, you won’t need to ship a load of items to make this worthwhile.

To buy home postage, you will need to invest in shipping software that is perfectly integrated with your business website. Depending on which software you choose, it is most likely to have some amazing features, such as being able to pay for online postage from the comfort of your home.

It might also include the feature of printing labels so you can prepare your packages for shipping directly from home. Another amazing thing about the software is that you can schedule a free USPS to pick up the very next day, and the postman will get your packages from your front door.

You can also immensely benefit from calculated shipping. This feature grabs the current USPS shipping rates, looks at your products’ set weight and gives you the most updated shipping prices.

By opting for buying home postage, you won’t need to haul your packages into your car, drive all the extra miles to your post office, park your car, wait in the queue, hand over the package, and drive back home.

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