A Rise in Online Learning Due to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has given rise to online learning. Social distancing has changed the dynamic of how schools operate now. The pandemic has resulted in the schools to shut down all over the world. This is why the education sector is suffering as well, just as all the other sectors are also.

Schools and universities were shut for approximately 2 or 3 months before people started realizing that the kids are suffering and no matter what they have to figure out a way for the education to continue. This is where online learning, came as a solution to the world.

Today with the help of government and school authorities working endlessly have figured out the dynamics of how to continue education online through online platforms like zoom, skype, etc. In a world where kids were told not to bring cell phones to school, today the school is being conducted through these cell phones and it has become a necessity for every student to have a cell phone.

E-learning is not the same as it is in regular classroom lectures. It requires different skillsets and settings. But the teachers and staff are working together to work it out. There is also a rise in freelancing in Pakistan with lots of job opportunities in e-teaching.


Delivering lectures and teaching online requires some changes in the methodologies of teaching and contents of coursework as well. For example: if you are teaching some botany lab experiments, this is not possible over a zoom online class. Or if you are teaching preschoolers, it can get a bit challenging to grab the attention of a tiny toddler.

If you are teaching a computer application class, this requires the sharing of your screen with students on an online platform. Every course needs to be modified as per the mean of delivery of class. Therefore is it is very important to work with your IT and technical staff and develop a course line in consultation with them.

Course needs to modify as per the method of delivery in terms of online sessions, or recorded audio or video class lectures, etc. Teachers need to diversify their method of teaching as per the need of course and students’ attention retaining spans.

We see many parents how are not satisfied with this mode of education delivery, but does anyone has a choice when its about life and death of our children. This pandemic has given a rise to adapt to new methods of learning, it will take time but it will work out.


This is another challenge for delivering online learning. You cannot keep an eye personally on every student and keep them engaged in the class lectures. This again requires investing in different methodologies.

It is important to keep the communication flowing with your students through WhatsApp, zoom classes, online classes, etc. Update them on their homework, ask them if they are confused, or need more help from teachers.

Teachers will also have to learn to be flexible. Many students do not have access to computers, phones, or the internet all the time. In such conditions, teachers can record their lectures and send them to students who have limitations in terms of attending classes.

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It is extremely important to motivate the teachers as well as the students to adapt to the COVID-19 prone education system. It is a new method both for students and teachers, learn to empathize. Motivate and share ideas on how to make education sustainable and better in this pandemic and make the best out of it.

  1. Freelancing in Pakistan is becoming high in demand with all sorts of skills being offered. Teachers and staff should look for skills they need on these platforms to adapt to new teaching methods.
  2. Engage students by giving them the option of choosing their class topics of discussions and assignments etc. Students these days are very skilled themselves, ask the student to help you out with a certain tech task or recording videos. This will keep the students motivated.
  3. Make sure the students socialize, even on an online platform. Give them group assignments etc. Keep them conversing with you and their classmates. Also, teach them to help each other out.
  4. Teaching Delivery methods should be diversified, including live lectures, video recordings, audio recordings, presentations, etc.
  5. Attendance and accountability are tough to manage on online platforms but keep track through emails and WhatsApp of your student’s attendance and engagements etc.
  6. Give students projects to motivate task-based learning. Host online study sessions and share of study materials etc.

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