Adiyogi – Source of Yoga , History, Shiva Statue

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Adiyogi means “the first yogi” or lord Shiva as the very first yogi. The Adiyogi statue was founded to motivate the public to the betterment from within by performing yoga.

About Adiyogi:

Adiyogi Shiva statue is 112 ft (34 meters) in height, 147 ft (45 meters) in length, and 82 ft (25 meters) in width. It is a steel-made statue, and the Guinness World Records accepted it as the world’s most giant sculpture. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev designed the statue, and the weight of this statue is nearly 500 tonnes.

Adiyogi statue is situated at the Isha Yoga Center. The height of the sculpture (112 ft) signifies the 112 opportunities to accomplish the Moksha (freedom of soul) discussed in the culture of Yoga and the 112 human system chakras. Yogeshwar statue is placed in front of Adiyogi statue. This sculpture is included in the campaign of Incredible India Campaign by the Indian tourism department. Here, light and sound on yogi Shiva are presented in front of the Adiyogi Shiva statue at night. The present Indian President, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, launched the show.

Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched this statue of Shiva on the occasion of holy Shivaratri. The prime minister also inaugurated a Vasudev composed book named The Source of Yoga. Isha Foundation launched a song, “Adiyogi- The Source of Yoga,” to mark the special occasion of its grand opening. Poonam Joshi composed the lyrics, and Kailash Kher sang the Adiyogi song.

In 2015 Isha Foundation inaugurated another Adiyogi statue in Tennessee, USA, and it is a part of their 30,000 sq ft yoga studio.

Where is the Adiyogi Shiva statue?

Adiyogi Shiva statue is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, in front of the Isha Yoga Center.

Why is Shiva called Adiyogi?

Adiyogi Shiva is a great fighter and has various avatars. He can be dangerous when angry. It is believed that Lord Shiva is a great dancer and is the founder of yoga art.

Eighty-four lakhs of yoga postures are derived from the movements of Shiva. So, Shiva is considered as the first Yogi (Adiyogi) in the culture of Yoga. It is believed almost before 15,000 years Shiva started to dance in the Himalayas, which is supposed to be his house. His dancing movements included wild dance movements to calm sitting posture. The seven sages known as the Saptarishi in the mythology were watching him performing and became amazed. They prayed to the Lord to teach them his dancing art. Although Shiva was not ready at first, the seven sages convinced Shiva, and he became the Adiguru who taught them the art of Yoga. He passed his yoga art to the seven sages and came to know as the Adiyogi.

Guidelines to visit Adiyogi:

Here are some guidelines for visitors to enter into the Adiyogi temple:

  • Visitors need to carry masks and sanitizer
  • Tourists can enter the Adiyogi temple premises only via the Malai Vasal entrance on the Poondi Road near Muttathuvayal.
  • Visitors can park their cars and bikes at the temple premises. Public conveyance is also available.

Some people can’t visit the Adiyogi statue. They are:

  • Red zone or containment zone tourists
  • Children below the age of ten and elders above sixty-five
  • Pregnant ladies
  • People who have some signs of COVID-19

Visitors need to maintain some protocols on the temple premises such as:

  • Visitors must keep a social distancing of 6 feet
  • Tourists must have masks on their faces that will cover their nose, face, and mouth
  • Nobody can spit on the temple area
  • Sanitization of hands or wash hands when possible

The body temperature of the visitors will be checked before allowing them into the premises. The temple area is sanitized at a gap of three hours.

Light and sound show on Adiyogi:

A 3D laser light and sound show is arranged on the weekends and other special days. In this show, the story of Adiyogi is described to the audience. The way the yogic culture was introduced among the population is also stated. Present Indian president Mr. Ram Nath Kovind launched the program in 2019 on the day of the Shivaratri.

The light and sound show lasts for fourteen minutes and is projected on the statue of Adiyogi. This show has won the EMEA & APAC Award for using technology in entertainment for the category of Worship.

Adiyogi images and Adiyogi wallpapers are available on the internet. Anybody can download them and save them as phone or system wallpaper.

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