Amazing Hotel & Restaurant Flyer Design

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The hotel industry is enormous, and the demand for short-term accommodation is therefore very high, and the competition is also fierce. In order to achieve online and offline bookings, professional hoteliers have recognized the value of hotel marketing through multiple platforms. Having social media presence or a website is common practice for every hotelier. The promotion of hotel services & hospitality, restaurants, and cafes through various online platforms has gained huge popularity due to the rise in online presence. Printed materials such as posters, brochures, and pamphlets have always been in fashion, even with the apparent need for online hotel marketing materials. As you can see, instead of asking them to display the necessary details on your website, it would be possible to hand over a printed hotel flyer to a visitor at your hotel.

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Eye-Catching Food Flyers

Including good-quality, high-resolution photos are a must when it comes to promoting food. As you can see from the food flyers design below, it is not just covering what, where and when, It mainly focuses on restaurant foods that are going to look so amazing as to make customers feel like they need to taste it right now.

This flyer also takes the viewer’s eye to what, where and why by using eye-catching phrases in addition to a prominent high-resolution picture.

Create Attention For Your Next Theme Event

With some graphic examples, like the above flyer advertising their Oktoberfest special, don’t be afraid to show off some personality. The beer graphic they used, makes reference to the wildly popular emoji “cheers” on your smartphone. you can find it in messenger, just open it and type cheers and there you have it.

Another thing this flyer did correctly was to use contrasting colours such as dark blue and yellow to really make the event data stand out on the website. This unified colour palette increases its readability and improving its attractiveness.

Promote Grand Opening

The Flyer above perfectly describes the information about the new opening of a restaurant’s breakfast unit. The Flyer design contains text that really stands out by prominently featuring their food and proper display of text about timing and servings.

Minimal designs usually look more costly. On the other side, designs with a lot of different colours and pictures seem like they reflect a lower price point.  whatever design decision you take, make sure it fits in with the brand, price point, and target market of your restaurant. However, if you want to make your work a little hassle-free, try ready-made restaurant grand opening flyer templates from PhotoADKing.

Points To Remember While Designing Catchy Flyers

For a number of reasons, each of the above flyer designs is strong, but the main takeaway here is that a thoughtful, well-executed flyer design makes a huge difference in both how your brand is viewed and how successful the flyer is in turning the audience’s interest into action. The following are the three most critical basic elements of any flyer design:


 While you can pick from a lot of fonts out there, always choose a font that is easy to read for your flyer design. Sticking to readable fonts is recommended (just like the font we use to write this blog).


Always defer to using either primary colors (opposites), preferring temperature-based colors (warm or cool), or pairing a neutral with an accent color like white or black to add a splash of personality when in doubt. Colors can influence the way your flyer looks significantly, so before submitting them to print, choose wisely.


One thing that all of the above flyers have in general is that everything was intelligently planned out from their pictures to their text. Pay attention to aspects such as orientation, spacing, and the page’s object balance. Together, a smooth, beautifully designed flyer design can be the difference from one that looks hurried and amateur.

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