An Absolute Guide To Wedding Photography Styles

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Weddings are an exquisite part of everyone’s life. Every couple wants a perfect wedding as they want to make their special day memorable. Every couple has a wish that their kith and kin will remember their wedding day. A marriage album is supposed to be the most important part of a wedding from a couple’s perspective.

Choosing the right photographer is one of the most vital decisions that all couples have to make for their wedding. From the wedding dress to the decor of the wedding place, the style preferences of every couple is different. A couple should specify the photography style before reaching out to potential wedding photographers. If a couple hires a photographer before learning about photography styles, it may create a mess, and the photos may not match the couple’s vision. It is pivotal for every couple to research the photography styles and the photographer before making any investment. It is the wedding photographer’s responsibility to figure out the whole wedding shoot and fulfil the needs of a couple and match the photography styles exactly with their preferences.

In today’s world, the most eminent wedding photography styles include moody, shady and fine art images; vintage photography remains everlasting as well. It is a little bit tricky for a couple to choose one of the best photography styles because of the plethora of options. There is a way to find the most reliable style just by looking at social media stuff. Explore Instagram and Pinterest more and save those images which you like the most. Nowadays, numerous wedding photography styles are available on social media platforms, and one can also see the trend that is going on in wedding photography styles. From candid photography to classic photography style, a couple needs to know about the little details of wedding photography styles and inform the photographer about the likes and dislikes.  

Let’s explore some of the most admired wedding photography styles


Vintage and traditional photography is much of a muchness to many couple’s parents from their wedding. Nowadays, Weddings Photographer Somerset adds some effects to the contemporary styles to make the look of the wedding photographs more alluring. Contemporary style photography won’t go out of fashion, and you can preserve it for years to come. Classic style photographs are very simple and have nothing crazy. However, they will look great after 50- 60 years.


Photojournalistic style of wedding photography includes candid and documentary photographs. Many couples adopt this style of photography as it creates memorable and wholehearted photographs. In photojournalistic style, the wedding photographers manage the wedding day pretty much like a news story. The wedding photographers let the wedding moments unravel, then capture them while recording the enchantment as it happens.


Editorial Images are considerably more like posed, approximately as a fashion magazine. This style of wedding photography is rare. However, many photographers have brushed up on this style. Nowadays, wedding photographers prosper their businesses by practising in it.

In many cases, the wedding couple chooses editorial photography style because they have different expectations for their wedding photography. The couple wants their wedding photography like a photoshoot with a sophisticated and luxurious feel.

Dark and Moody

Ashtoningly, dark and moody photography style is as similar as it sounds: dark, shady, moody, and dramatic. In this style, the photographer looks to capture the couple with some shadows or jarring lines that provide unusual and ingenious designs and lighting to the photographs. The dark and moody style of photography includes unilluminated editing and unilluminated shooting. In recent times, many couples have tended more towards this photography style. Nowadays, many magazines have adopted this photography style and are showing it.


This photography style captures the wedding with drones. Drone photographs are trending these days as it works fine for photo sessions, outside marriage arrangements and ceremony exits. Some couples don’t want their whole wedding to be captured through a drone, so they want some photographs clicked by drone.


This style of photography is well-established and famous in the wedding industry. This kind of photography is a famous addition for wedding photography, shooting the wedding occasion in extremely scenic destinations like the mountain and beach areas. For landscape photography, the photographer scouts the area and then captures an adventure shoot with the wedding couple to make the images and the wedding album full of beauty.

Fine Art Photography

This style of photography is usually associated with films. Fine art photography is hybrid nowadays, specifically as it prospers in popularity. This wedding photography style is well-known for being light, vivid, and fresh.

Wrapping up

We have outlined a complete guide to wedding photography styles that makes the wedding occasion and the wedding album more attractive and heartwarming. A wedding album is not just an album because the emotions of a couple and their relatives are attached to it.

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