AngularJS Development Tools for 2021

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In this rapidly changing technological period, having a website has become an important component for any business seeking to develop and promote its online presence. With the wave of modernity, startups, businesses, and every other sized company tend to use high functionality frameworks to create a strong web application in less time.

And, all thanks to one awesome piece of software: AngularJS.

Angular: Overview

AngularJS is a front-end, open-source JavaScript framework that aims to simplify application development and testing by providing a framework for model-view-controller (MVC) and model-view-view-model (MVVM) structural designs. It also renders the components that are common in highly sensitive web applications.

AngularJS is largely managed by Google and a group of professionals who work on single-page web development tasks. This system works by first reading the HTML tab, which includes a supplementary custom HTML attribute.

It interprets attributes like the directives to connect the input or output portions of a page to the model, which is exemplified by a standard JavaScript variable.

The value of a JavaScript variable may be manually entered into the code or retrieved from dynamic, static, or JavaScript Object Notation tools. The distinction between Angular and AngularJS is that the former lacks the concepts of controllers and scope, instead of relying on a hierarchy of components for its main architectural features.

Many businesses choose to design their applications with angular js development tools and look to Hire Best AngularJS developers available in the market. If you want to build a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing web application, AngularJS is the way to go. It enables a developer to use HTML syntax as a modeling language and distribute it across the app to identify the app’s components.

Top AngularJS Development tools

  • Webstrom
  • DJangular
  • Protractor
  • Jasmine
  • Mean
  • Karma
  • AngularFire
  • Mocha.js


Webstorm is based on the IntelliJ Framework, which is open-source. Webstorm offers intelligent coding assistance and lays a stable base for Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Node.js. It has powerful inbuilt software, making it a better option because it makes debugging, tracing, and testing tasks much simpler.

The given below are some features of Webstorm:

  • Intelligent IDEs
  • Easy debugging for JavaScript
  • Git support

It also incorporates other features and resources such as Mocha Jest, Protractor, and Karma test runner to facilitate testing.


When it comes to the list of the most significant AngularJS development tools, DJangular has managed to enter its name to the list. It is a reusable application that enables the smoother functioning of AngularJS.

The following are some attractive features offered by Djangular:

  • Flexible framework integrated with other components
  • Provides namespacing of AngularJS contents
  • Convenient setup

With this amazing tool, it is possible to create content for the AngularJS application.


Protractor is an open-source project built on Node.js that makes it simple to create Angular.js web apps. WebDriverJS appears to play the role of triggering a system that provides a collaborative environment for great web app creation. It is self-contained and allows for the automated implementation of required stages in response to user commands.

The following are some amazing features of Protractor:

  • Automatic waiting
  • Specific functions with Angular applications
  • A user-friendly testing

Furthermore, it is simple to manage. Because of native events and browser-specific drivers, WebdriverJS allows it to run tests like a user.


Jasmine is a behavior-driven testing framework. The best part is that it does not depend on the Document Object Model (DOM), browsers, or other JavaScript-based frameworks. As a result, it fits well with any Angular framework or another JavaScript-based project. The tool can identify and track JavaScript frameworks and classes quickly and automatically.

The following are some excellent features of Jasmine:

  • Spy On to fake calls
  • Open-sourced nature
  • Used for TDD

For Node.js platforms and related projects, Jasmine is ideal. More than 200 companies, including Accenture, Walmart, Uniqlo, and Gitlab, which contributes to the tool’s reputation, use jasmine!


The term Mean is an open-source javascript software stack that combines AngularJS and Node.js to build interactive websites and applications. It is actually a collaboration of four web development technologies, including MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js., that form a full-stack tool. You can quickly switch back and forth between client and server environments. Mean can also be considered a highly functional and cost-effective method because it saves you time.

The following aspects can help you to choose Mean:

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Free of cost
  • One stack, one language
  • Reduces apps’ loading speed
  • Avoids rewriting
  • User-friendly

Mongoose and Passport, two AngularJS development tools, are a combination of designed and pre-bundled modules.


Testing is one of the most important aspects of the project creation cycle. The development process becomes quicker and simpler with AngularJS developer tools like Karma. Karma is a fantastic testing tool for every AngularJS web application.

The following are a few incredible features of Karma:

  • Open-source
  • Remote control
  • Testing framework agnostic
  • Test on real devices
  • Easy debugging
  • Continuous integration

An expert will test products on phones and browsers using this best AngularJS IDE tool. When opposed to a lab setup, it helps them in detecting imminent bugs better. It has an exclusive feature that allows developers to run experiments in a real-world environment.


The most common tool for creating a back-end application is Angular Fire. It has versatile APIs, and its three-way data binding makes rapid development processes more effective. Its USP is that it synchronizes real-time linking and saves data in an automatic mode. It produces excellent results when clubbing with a firebase. In this context, it provides the best IDE for AngularJS development.

The attractive features of AngularFire are the following:

  • Automatic data storage
  • Synchronized real-time binding
  • Supported by AngularJS binding for Firebase

The three-way data linking, rapid creation, and versatile API capabilities are other key features of this tool. Benefits like these help developers have a better time. is a smart platform that uses Bayesian and Machine Learning techniques to facilitate market conversations and decision-making. The discussions can be organized and facilitated with the aid of a scoring machine. It keeps track of the participants’ activities to determine their level of competence in different fields.

The following are some features of

  • Content Management
  • Real-Time Editing

The tool can be applied to any feature and will accept scalable text input.


Mocha.js comes with a variety of features and functions. It helps the consumer to get reliable and versatile reporting. It is an incredible Angularjs tool that can function on both the browser and NodeJS. It’s well-known as a straightforward integration testing tool. On the downside, it necessitates a complex setup, making it less efficient than other tools on the market.

Below mentioned are some remarkable characteristics of Mocha.js:

  • JavaScript API for testing
  •  Asynchronous testing
  • Convenient setup

Since it enables asynchronous testing, it becomes even more flexible as well as the accuracy increases in terms of reporting and mapping. Furthermore, snapshot testing might not be the most convenient choice.

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The powerful tools described above have paved the way for developers to make their dream of developing a complex, beautiful, and high-performing Angular-based application a reality.

These tools are intelligent solutions to your hard work!

You, too, can easily experience the excitement of the digital wave we’re all swimming in by creating a fantastic application that propels your company to new heights.

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