AR Zone – Amazing Augmented Reality Application from Samsung

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Samsung is one of the top leading companies in the manufacturing of smartphones. It always introduced the best or high-end features in smartphones. Like all their other interesting features, they also include AR Zone app (augmented reality) in the Google Play Store or especially for all users of the Samsung Galaxy series.

Several features are also including in this AR Zone app that convinces more users of Samsung. For all Samsung mobile users, the good news is that they can make some creative doodles, can alter the cloth patterns, or in the picture can add character-based emoticons. With the assistance of these features, it is one of the stop-shop applications; now, we can perform a lot more with AR Zone.

What is AR Zone App

Now technology is changing a lot day by day. It is making a challenging competition between all firms to sustain and stand in the market. Creative ideas are the critical need to stay in the technology market or especially more in mobile technology. If we are looking scenario of today, then Samsung seems like it will win the games because of its latest app AR Zone.

In technology, the most trending and hot app is AR Zone. This app is offering to all users of Samsung the most and best explicit experience. AR stands for Augmented Reality has more exciting features like AR Doodle or AR Emoji in the ARZone app. Although it is available for android users of Samsung, it also has some other extraordinary features that provide a 3D view experience.

Well, most people are those that are wondering to know what this app is. Samsung launches that and what are the top features and functions. So in this article Alexa Hales, a senior writer at dissertation writing uk describes AR Zone in detail about its features, function, or availability.

What about the AR Zone app for Android smartphones?

AR Zone app offers all Samsung users to experience augmented reality on Android devices. Or these users can choose a feature or capture videos and photos with more fun elements as we can add more virtual items like clothing items, emojis, furniture, or makeup in our videos and images. With a simple user interface, it provides all users the best experience. It is a feature-rich app, or it is an excellent way for the manufacturing company to give customers more satisfaction.

Availability of AR Zone app

Before the features of this app, we should know about the availability of this app, or it is more important to acknowledge. ARZone app is available for the primary Samsung phone models. These models are:

  • Galaxy S20
  • S20+
  • S20 Ultra and Z Flip

Features of functions of AR Zone app

If we talk about the features of the AR Zone app, then there are six features that including this app or all Samsung users can get or use these features if they have this app in this smartphones. Or in the new models that Samsung company launched recently, they are also offering some stylish options or 3D Scanner. Or, through these following features, we can understand more about the AR Zone app.

These features are:

  1. AR Zone camera
  2. AR Doodle
  3. AR Emoji Studio
  4. AR Emoji Sticker
  5. Dedo pic
  6. Home Décor Feature
  7. Quick Measure

Source and Credits : AppX (YouTube)

AR Zone Camera

The first feature of this app is the ARZone camera that offers users to make their emoji version. Without any hassle, we can record videos easily or can take pictures. If we want to create the emoji version, we can start with ourselves, our family, friends, or colleagues whose emoji we want to make. For this purpose, we should go to the My Emoji section or find those pictures that we recently clicked.

Except for this feature, we also access several camera modes with a lot of character. We can enable the animation mode or can record videos. Here describe what we should do to turn into reality our beautiful imaginations.

  • First, we should need to move on the Home Screen to choose the option “ Camera.”
  • After choosing the camera option, the second thing that we should do is click on the More option. After that, select “AR Zone.”
  • Then from the drop-down options, we should go to the “AR Emoji Camera.”
  • Or, if we want to add more emoji characters, it will prompt us to sign “+.”
  • The best part is that we all will get directed to our screen or get simple guidance or technically use these features.
  • We can go to the new next screen with a single tap or get more AR emoji camera modes.
  • We can tap on the camera mode of “Mask” if we want to record some videos. It will enable us to take selfies and record videos or create an animated version to use the mask emoji.
  • Or, if we scroll down further, we can get more cameras to record videos or click pictures, including Play, Micro, or Scene mode.

With camera mode or by following the above steps, we can capture the best memories of ourselves.

AR Doodle

Suppose we have love to making Doodle arts. Then AR Doodle feature provides us the best opportunity to show our Doodle art. We can quickly create abstract patterns or random anime characters with this app to act as a better stress buster for us. It also has a feature as we can make our Doodle art or include the same image background that we clicked. The best part of this feature is that it tracks users’ faces, or it automatically will move where our head moves. Or even with little movement of our head, we can change our art.

AR Emoji Studio

Source and Credits : Jimmy is Promo (YouTube)

AR Emoji studio is another best feature of this app. Through this feature, it is accessible to created animated or navigates characters. We can select the preferable character or can enjoy the moments of life by transforming the whole experience. Through this feature, we can change sunglasses, hairstyles, shoes, or dresses.

Let’s see how functions these feature of AR Emoji studio:

  • In the AR Zone app, we should need to move on to the option of AR Emoji studio or tap it. If we don’t create any other emoji, we should choose “Create My Emoji.”
  • Some instructions will prompt by the screen that we should follow for customization, or with a makeover, we can proceed with it.
  • After we are done emoji customization, hold or tap the black symbol for more features of AR Zone that we want to use.

AR Emoji Sticker

Using AR Emoji Studio when we have created our emoji characters, if we think there is a need for more editing to do or want more other characters, we can choose “My Emoji” or tap it. Here describe what we should do:

  • For this purpose, we should move to the All section, where we can quickly get several emoji characters.
  • Then we can select those contact numbers with which we want to share our created GIFs or emojis.
  • If we want to create GIFs, we should be tapping on the “Get Started” option or follow the instructions.

Dedo Pic

AR Zone app also has a feature of Dedo Pic. That offers us to send our animated stickers with our family and friends. For this purpose, we can do the quality of Dedo Pic or can show our creativity by adding mustaches, lip color, or eye color characters. Or the most important part of this feature is that the user of Samsung can incorporate this app into their previous devices or enjoy more fun moments by capturing them.

Home Décor Feature

It also comes with a Home Décor that offers us to add the best virtual furniture with other home essentials. We can use this feature to bring more elements or colors into dull-looking space. So this is the best feature, from home, we can choose the best essentials of homes for décor our homes. We don’t need to think more about our home decoration because we can see through this feature which color will more suit our home.

Quick measure

AR Zone app has another best feature: measuring the distance and size of the subject. It adds to the user experience or, for the user, makes things easier. It is the best feature of this app that provides the best experience to users. Through this feature, we can quickly measure the objects.

However, if we are not users of Samsung smartphones or wonder how we can use these exciting or existing features, we should not need to worry. Because we can easily download through Google play store this AR Zone app or enjoy these features by creating our favorite emojis, this information described in this article will be helpful for those people that are wondering about what this app is precisely or by using its features. They can capture the best moments of their life by recording videos or capturing pictures.

Indeed it is the best app for Android users or providing the best features.

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