Are You Sure You Understand What You Study?

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A common evil

It has happened to all of us: we spend a good time reading the exam syllabus, we try to extract the important ideas, we underline and even write notes in the margins, but then, after all that process, we realize that we have not aware of nothing and that our text is still as cryptic as when we started studying, but with the difference that it is now phosphor yellow from beginning to end and hurts the eyes.

The need to understand

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the first meaning of understanding is to embrace, girdle or surround something everywhere. Nice, right? Well that is exactly what we must do with the contents of our career.

Understanding what we study instead of learning to repeat it like parrots is very important to pass the exams and to leave the race well-formed, but understanding requires a certain effort of assimilation and comparison that we must make, because only people capable of doing this work they will stand out and become true professionals in their sector.

If we want to check that we understand what we have studied, there are several tricks that we can use that will make our work easier, but, as always, we will need time. If we are going to start studying the day before, better leave it.

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Divide and conquer

The first thing is to divide the text into parts. Yes, there are usually themes that already take care of that, but we mean smaller parts. When doing comprehensive reading, you have to stop after each full stop, more or less, and ask yourself a few questions like: what are you talking about? What do you mean by this expression? Can I relate what I have read? with something else that I do understand? What is my opinion on this? (if what you read admits opinion) or is this part of the main content or is it a secondary idea? (In this way, you can also assess the importance of each section).

Ask yourself everything

When you have finished studying and you want to check if you have understood it correctly, the best thing you can do is examine yourself. Write the questions about what you think may fall on the exam and also those that you think will not fall, because experience tells us that, sometimes, teachers get very creative with exam questions. If you really want good service for essay writing, try 7DollarEssay for sure.

Seek help

Nothing indicates so much our knowledge about something than having to explain it to another. If we are able to tell what we have read well, using our own words and answer the questions that our interlocutor may ask us without problems, then we know it wonderfully. According to professional ghostwriting company doing this also strengthens our confidence to face the exam with less stress.

Curiosity to power

We have already talked about how essential it is to be curious for a student and here it can also help us. Searching for other sources, other authors or theories that speak about our subject of study can help us to have a more global and expert understanding of the subject, which will clearly be reflected in our notes.

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