Benefits and risks of buying a Toyota car in India

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Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing company launched on August 28, 1937. The company manufactures around 10 million vehicles per year. Moreover, the company has a joint venture, licenced or contract factories in India.

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So, car enthusiasts in India can choose from a range of models like Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Hilux, Vellfire, Camry, etc. Although these cars come with a host of safety features, they are susceptible to risks and damages from accidents. Therefore, car owners must obtain Toyota car insurance from a reputed insurer to avoid hefty repair costs.

However, before planning to purchase this model, one should be aware of the pros and cons of this brand.

The following piece explains the benefits and risks of purchasing a Toyota car in India.


Potential buyers must consider the following benefits of the Toyota car brand while purchasing a new car:

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1. Value for money

Toyota is one of the leading brands in retaining resale value. Therefore, individuals purchasing cars from this brand can expect a high trade-in price in the future. It will benefit them during their purchase of another car. Thus, motor enthusiasts looking to buy a family car with great value for money can consider this brand.

2. Excellent American technology

Although a Japan-based manufacturing company, Toyota cars are engineered with American technologies. Thanks to several factories in the United States,  individuals can buy this Japanese car featuring modern American technologies. Further, these cars help keep money within the national economy and support the workers in Toyota’s US-based factories.

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3. Superior hybrid cars

Toyota Motor Corporation has a line-up of eco-friendly hybrid cars. One such model available in India is Toyota Prius. Built on Toyota New Generation Architecture (TNGA), this car has an engine cc up to 1798 cc and a boot space of 502 litres. The 2010 generation of this model received high crash test safety ratings by NHTSA, making it a safe and environmentally-friendly car.


Besides considering the advantages of owning a car from Toyota, one should also factor in some risks before investing in a car.

1. Higher recalls

Although Toyota cars are of high quality and come with an exceptional value, their recalls are surprisingly high. There’s no telling whether or not a new Toyota car can bear unknown defects. Different models of this brand were found to have defects directly impacting their safety and reliability. However, individuals can buy a second-hand Toyota car to ensure it is free of defects.

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2. Cost of maintenance

Toyota cars are long-lasting and durable. However, to ensure optimal functioning, one should get timely servicing. The maintenance costs for this car are expensive compared to other brands.

Opt for a Toyota car insurance for extended coverage

It is evident that Toyota cars come with high costs that create a financial burden. An additional damage repair cost can further burn a hole in an owner’s pocket. To avoid this, one should obtain car insurance online. Well-rounded insurance provides coverage against hefty repair bills and legal liabilities from a third-party accident. Several insurance companies in India offer comprehensive and third-party insurance along with other service benefits.

So, after considering the risks and benefits of purchasing this brand, one can easily make a sound decision. However, it is vital to keep an insurance policy handy irrespective of the car brand to protect oneself from financial losses.

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