Best 7 AR and VR Games for Android Today

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two technologies that have found widespread application in various fields and industries. From businesses to solo professionals and enthusiasts, these two technologies have been utilized in a variety of ways. 

That being said, VR gaming on computers has been a thing for some time now. Although, the VR gaming experience comes at a high cost as the VR headsets come expensive. 

While VR gaming is now a thing amongst gamers across the globe, AR gaming is a considerably new concept, and both game developers and gamers are exploring the new technology in the field of gaming. VR and AR gaming is increasingly gaining popularity in the gaming community all across the globe. Quite naturally, such AR and VR games are also arriving on mobile platforms. 

In today’s time, VR games on mobiles are a much better and inexpensive way to get the VR gaming experience. Augmented reality games are also arriving both on the Android and iOS platforms. These games offer a great alternative to the otherwise VR and AR games on computers which are expensive and take a lot of hassles for a complete setup. 

Let us now look at the seven best AR and VR games for Android available right now.

Best AR and VR Games for Android

Here are the best 7 AR and VR games for Android today! This list of best games comprises the finest VR and AR enjoyable gaming experience. This list has been compiled after several surveys and recommendations from experts in the gaming community. 

1.    Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Hidden Temple VR Adventure is one of the finest VR games available on Android right now. The game is seamless, has an attractive UI, and offers a point-and-click VR experience. It has immersive gameplay with impressive and skilfully-rendered visuals. It is one of the most popular VR games for Android for the same reasons.  

2.    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Launched by Niantic for the Android platform, this latest AR game is one of the finest you can find and is very similar to the very popular Pokemon Go. The gameplay asks players to walk around the real world, collect various things, and fight various enemies on their way. 

The game has a storyline where an inevitable calamity has affected wizards everywhere, and players have to deal with that incident. Players have to solve this problem. You also get to see special appearances from popular characters of the Harry Potter series and a variety of new characters. 

3.    Ingress Prime 

Ingress Prime was one of the first AR games on Android, and it continues to be one of the finest AR games on the Android platform. This game was also developed by Niantic and has continued to be popular ever since its launch. On this one, players go out into the real world, and the game features some portals that you will have to access and hack for your team. 

The players then build the portals so that other teams in the game cannot access them. The game went under a complete overhaul in the late 2018s and was rebranded to Ingress Prime. While the core mechanics are still intact, the app portion went through major modifications.

4.    VR Noir

The virtual reality gaming experience is visually stimulating, and most often, these games have a well-written storyline and story-driven gameplay. VR Noir is one of the most immersive VR games available on the Android platform. The game allows players to play the game as a private detective.

The game is known for its vivid cinematic experience and goes beyond most other VR games in terms of gaming experience. The voice acting in the game is superior, with a very engaging and fascinating narrative.

5.    Vanguard V

This rail shooter game offers a great VR gaming experience and employs a third-person perspective for players. The game is engaging, fast-paced, with top-notch audiovisuals for the players. The controls can be slightly challenging for some players, but it is worth the effort. 

6.    Sister

Sisters is a survival horror VR game for Android. The gaming experience is similar to the popular Resident Evil, and just like that game, it does not have the archaic fixed camera angles. Players get the first-person perspective here. The game is scary, with a lot of fun opportunities as well.

7.    Kings of Pool

This is an excellent AR billiards game that has a unique premise. The game superimposes a real-time pool table on top of any flat surface in the real world. Players will have to play on that. It is an online multiplayer with 8-ball as the key game component. 

You also get features like a global chat, player profile and stats, and other features. 

Requisites for the Perfect AR & VR Gaming Experience

We live in the era of technology, and in 2021, everything you want to do will be more convenient with the help of technology. While you have already got a list of the best AR and VR games for Android available right now, there’s a little more you must know for the perfect VR and AR experience on mobile platforms. 

Firstly, having an Android phone with AR and VR capability is the key requirement. Along with that, even when you have a VR or AR-compatible smartphone, you will still need a few other things to make for the finest VR and augmented reality gaming experience on Android phones. You will need a headset for the perfect sonic experience, and depending on the game, you may also need a controller. 

If you do not want to bear the cost of a controller for playing VR games, you should consider VR games for Android that do not need one. You can find a few on the list above, while you can also search on the Internet to know about more VR games that do not need any external controllers. Coming to VR headsets, there are several options in the market which include less expensive products, like

  • Google Cardboard (customizable)

You also have VR headset alternatives that come in a mid-price range. Two such products are

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream

And, you also have the very expensive options which include products, like

  • Vive
  • Oculus

Depending on the headset you have, you may also find some specially designed games for that specific VR headset. Make the best choice both for the VR headset you buy and the games you choose to play, depending on your gaming preferences and budget! 

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article, and we must repeat that modern VR and AR games available on the mobile platform are worth the experience. The experience is comparatively new for mobile gamers, and a lot of them are exploring it. 

If you are an Android user, you have a list of the best AR and VR games you can play on Android right now. We have provided the list of the seven best games that can make the perfect VR and AR gaming experience on Android platforms. If you  have not already, do try them out.

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