Best Online Tools to Create a Logo: Attractive Logo

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Applications to create a logo are of great concern in the advanced times like today. Designing a logo is not an effortless job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The logo is something important in making business. With a size small, however, the logo must stand out so that many people can remember it. The creation and maintenance of a logo is a series of marketing methods for a product or service that cannot be underestimated.

The logo has a vital role in marketing the products or services that you offer. The presence of logos in electronic and print media will make consumers more memorized and interested in your business. The first approach in marketing is to create a unique logo. Many services have started to provide logo design, but creating your logo by yourself will give you more satisfaction. Here are some logo maker tools that can be used to design inexpensive and professional-looking logos.

Create a Logo by Yourself Using These Online Tools:

If you have a sound internet connection, then you are able to download several logo-making applications on your favorite laptop or cellphone. Several apps also provide unlimited access for free to create a logo. By making your own logo, you can save more expenses and design it according to your wishes. Not all applications provide free facilities, some of them are paid. For example, some templates, fonts, etc or other creating tools are paid. It all depends on your needs and requirements, whether you want paid version or free tools.


This application can be found on Android-based gadgets. Also, you can directly access DesignEvo on your browser and create a logo for free. Although it is free for use, the facilities offered are very diverse. Ranging from hundreds of fonts to other facilities. As it is web-based, so it has cloud storage. You can save your projects on it and re-edit whenever you want. Also, you can download it on your computer with JPG and Png files.


The next tool for creating a logo is Pixellab. This application can be installed on Android and is free. Through this application, you can add text to logos. You can also apply unlimited creativity using this application. With a free price, you can start creating a logo without any expenditure. You can search for several logo references through Google to get the unique logo results and attract the attention of many people.

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Can you imagine yourself struggling with the software you’re tackling for the first time? You might invest a lot of time & energy. Sometimes it may take days for graphic designers or logo designing professionals. It’s hard to assume how long it may take if you approach DIY logo designing from scratch.

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Corel Draw

This program is very convenient if used on a laptop or computer. With complete tools, you can create a logo without limiting creativity. For beginners who want to use this tool, it’s good to learn how to use it on Youtube. Usually, this application is used by professional logo makers to avoid logo plagiarism. A logo that has unique and good originality will have a high selling value.

Because the logo is an integral part of a business, it is not uncommon for some people to spend a heavy bundle of money on the best logo. It is never the wrong choice if you try to use this application to get exciting results. You can also get additional income from this application to create a logo for those who need it. You will never regret your decision of learning to use Corel Draw to get nice benefits in the future. The disadvantage would be it need time to learn this tool.


This application is designed for users on mobile or laptop. The tool is also available on Google Play and the App Store for free. But some features must be paid if you want a logo with clear image quality. This application is very easy to use because you don’t need to create the desired logo from scratch. Simply by adding and subtracting some features with your creativity in the existing template you can create a good logo.

By designing a logo from this application, you can also explore your creativity. Creating a logo in Canva recommends using a gadget that has a large screen. By using a large screen, the editing process will be comfortable and flexible. Canva is perfect for beginners who have previously never created a logo and want satisfying results.

Logo Maker Plus

Unlike Canva, which provides a variety of templates that can be converted into logos, Logo Maker Plus gives freedom from the start. You, as a logo maker, can create templates as desired. This application supports you to add lines, shapes, and also text in the logo. The appearance of this application is effortless and minimalist, so you can focus on working on the logo without fear of mistakes. Unfortunately, this application only exists on Android, so you can’t use it on your favorite laptop yet.


These tools give you the freedom of creating your own logo designs, implementing your own creativity with the easiness of editing. Just 3 steps and your logo is ready: design it, download it and print it. Sounds great! If you want to try to make a logo then these tools would be good choices.

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