Brooke Daniells – Career, Profession & Secret Relationships

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Brooke Daniells is a renowned photographer hailed from the USA. But recently she is in the limelight due to her affair with a famous actress of England called Catherine Bell. Besides, Daniells is fond of taking part in social works as a Scientologist. In her early life, she was only interested in photography, but she became attracted to social work and involved more in it as she grew up.

Here we will discuss some crucial matters regarding Brooke Daniells. Let’s check it out:

Early life and education

Brooke Daniells’ age is 35 as she was born on 30th June 1986, at Tomball, in Texas, United States of America. Her family belongs to the Christian community. Penny Atwell Jones is her mother, and there is not much information available regarding her father. Brooke has two siblings named Phaedra Jones and Damien Jones.

Brooke Daniells completed her schooling at the local high school in the metropolitan city where she was born. Her siblings were her companions there. In 2004 she completed her high-school education and entered a local college. She is a graduate in Communication.

Daniells was passionate about photography from her school days, and she participated in many competitions and stood first. Daniells has also done a proper course on photography. There she had displayed excellent skills in photography and completed her course successfully.


Brooke Daniells took up modeling at the beginning of her career. There is not much information available about her regarding this profession. However, she became the winner of a regional beauty competition and won the Miss Texas title.

In 2020, Daniells became famous for his Scientology thoughts, and she became a leading social worker who worked as a Scientologist. In between, she appeared in some television programs, and she also worked as an event planner and photographer.

Brooke Daniells relationships

Brooke Daniells was tied a knot with Kenneth Daniells at the early stage of her life. They are having two children named Sage and Zoe. But their marriage couldn’t last long, and in 2012, they ended their relationship and separated.

However, she is a bisexual, and Brooke Daniells-Catherine Bell’s relationship is proof of the matter. She started to date Catherine after her divorce from her former husband. She is living with Catherine Bell now though there is no news of their official marriage.

Before Catherine Bell fell in love with Brooke Daniells, she was the wife of Adam Beason, and they got married on 8th May 1994. They came across each other while shooting a movie named Death Becomes Her. The couple has two children named Ronan and Gemma. Unfortunately, they also ended up their relationship in 2011.

Brooke Daniells figure statistics

Brooke Daniells is a beautiful woman with a slim body. Brooke Daniells height is 1.78 meters (5feet 10inches), and she is 58kgs. Daniells has brown hair and brown eyes as well.

Brooke Daniells net worth

Brooke Daniells’ net worth was nearly $1million in 2019. She has earned this money through her various occupations like actor, model, event planner, Scientologist, event planner, and producer.  Hopefully, she will raise her income in the future, and in 2020, her net worth might be $15million.

Her live-in partner Catherine Bell’s net worth is $15million from her profession. Catherine and Brooke live in a house valued at $2,050,00 at present.

Brooke Daniells – Catherine Bell Relationship

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Currently, Brooke Daniells is in a relationship with famous actress Catherine Bell. The couple met each other when they were working in the psychiatry Industry of Death Musem. They became friends in quick times, and after some time, Daniells proposed love to Catherine. Catherine accepted her proposal, and since then, they are dating each other.

Brooke came out a bisexual in 2012, and their relationship started when both of the ladies separated from their husbands. They are pretty serious about their relationship though they are still not officially engaged or married.

Brooke Daniells profession- Model and Photography

  • Brooke is remarkably successful in acting, modeling, direction, production, and writing. She also achieved many titles in her respective career field. Daniells made her debut in 2005 with the short movie Vanguard Dispatch as Jenifer M. Davis at 18.
  • Brooke was praised for her acting in Vanguard Dispatch, and within one year, she became more successful.
  • Her first commercial film was in 2006 named Shadow Falls, and after that, she was seen in the movie Change of Life. These films were the turning point of her career. In 2011-12 she had started to produce movies and also written some scripts.
  • Recently, she is concentrating on her childhood passion that is photography. She used to upload her photos on her social media pages. Daniells is also focusing on social works as a Scientologist, and she is an event planner as well.
  • Brooke Daniells has received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her works in 2017. She possesses a photography school which is one of the best photography schools in the mid-Atlantic. Her achievements are endless within this short period.

Brooke Daniells social media presence

Brooke Daniells is very active on social networking sites, especially on Instagram. She has 133k followers on her Instagram. Daniells is active on Twitter, too, where Brooke has 459 followers. She posted her photography and her other works through her social handle.

Some Interesting Facts about Brooke Daniells

Here are some interesting facts about Brooke Daniells:

  • Both Daniells and her girlfriend have children from their previous relationship.
  • Daniells has a lucrative height that is 5feet 10inches
  • She has an account on Instagram named “brooke_daniells” and Twitter.
  • Her partner has a jewelry business named Catherine Bell Jewelry, and she also worked as a model for the promotion.
  • Brooke and Catherine lived in a palace of $2.05million situated in Los Angeles. This property belongs to Catherine, and she has bought the mansion in 2014.
  • Her partner is nineteen years older than her.
  • Brooke and Catherine don’t post photos of each other on their social media accounts.
  • Brooke’s mother, Penny, couldn’t accept her sexual orientation, and as per reports, she even stopped to talk to her daughter.
  • Brooke doesn’t have any fixed regional beliefs.
  • Autumn is her favorite season as the colors of the season are her inspiration. She also likes summer because she loves to swim and to lie on the beach to be suntanned.
  • Brooke loves to travel, and mostly she travels around Virginia, Washington D. C., and New York.
  • Photography is Brooke’s passion.

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