Busting hat myths so that you can pick correct headgear

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Not only do hats come to your rescue on bad hair days, but they also offer an upgrade to your outfit, as well as protect you from harsh weather conditions. Below are a few hat myths that surround hats and stop you from wearing a much-needed item!

Hats don’t look good on everyone

Almost every individual across the world can sport a hat. Essentially, yes, not every hat looks appealing to everyone. But there is a hat style for every face shape and every individual. Another reason why a hat may not look as flattering to you is because you do not get accustomed to looking at yourself in one. A fundamental psychological circumstance, known as the mere-exposure effect, causes individuals to prefer items that are familiar to them and develop a dislike towards things that seem unusual. All you need to do is take a plunge and start wearing a hat style that you find comfortable.

What you can do: To get yourself accustomed to wearing a hat and being comfortable in it, you can try a bunch of hat styles. Take a picture of each hat style you try. Voila, problem solved! You can regularly look at the images for a short period until you become comfortable seeing yourself in a hat.

Not a reasonable day to wear a hat

When it is saving you from natural elements, it is a good day to wear your hat! Hats may seem like they make you hotter on a hot summer day. But you forget that caps provide shade from the harsh rays of the sun while protecting your face, essentially.

What you can do: You can choose hat styles that provide good ventilation. You can also go for cooling headpieces for wearing underneath your hat.

Hats damage hair

Indeed, hats make you look flatter after being pressed all day. But considering the recent hairstyle trends, flatter hair can be viewed as an effortless hair trend! But for people who are not fans of flat hair, you can toss your hair on either side before wearing a hat. After taking your hat off, flipping it back to its original side, your hair will not look as flat.

You can also opt for hats that fit comfortably on your head instead of a snug fit. It will keep your hair from becoming flat.

What you can do: Hats save you from bad hair days, not make them worse. You can wear a hat that compliments your outfit so that you can rock the accessory without worrying about taking it off.  You can try hats for large heads for the perfect fit.

Hats do not fit everyone

Hats may come in a single size, promising to fit all. However, often people believe they have larger or smaller heads that may not be perfect for a hat. Thus, you can choose the ideal cap that fits you well, without much dismay! Much to your surprise, some hat companies make them available in different sizes for utmost comfort.

What you can do: You can choose a hat from the men’s section if you think your head is larger than the usual size. Or, if you have a small head, you can check the kid’s section. Another solution can be to utilize a sizing tape for a snug fit.

Hats cause hair loss

When balding people started wearing hats, a general notion became popular that caps cause hair loss. However, it is far from the truth. You can adorn a hat as a fashion accessory and still keep your hair intact.

However, a swimmer’s cap may lead to hair loss, but only if you wear it consistently.

Further, a hat may cause hair loss if it is not your correct size. Wearing a cap that is comfortable over your head will not trigger hair loss.

What you can do: Before buying a hat, try it on and make sure it fits comfortably. If the cap is too tight, it may cause damage to your hair follicle, cutting circulation.

The perfect hat style for you

If you are wearing your hat as a fashion accessory, it is significant to represent your personality. It is also essential that your fashion item goes well with your outfit.

If you are new to that hat world, you can start by opting for neutral hat shades while keeping your accessories minimal. Often, hats make you more noticeable; you can opt for hat styles with short brims if you want to avoid them. Tiny fedoras or sun hats work well for such circumstances.

Further, it is also essential to go for hat colors that complement your skin tone. Summer hats come out of straw, but often it is colored sandy. You can even dye or paint your straw hat to give it a unique look.

As you debunk all myths from your mind and adorn hats as a perfect fashion accessory, you can give it a little creative touch by using a scarf. You can tie the scarf along the hat brim and leave one end loose on the side. You are good to go!

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