Carpet Care Tips That Every House Owner Can Implement

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For some house owners, carpets are lovable. They swear by their carpets and take optimum care of the same. Of course, carpets are meant to enhance the visual appearance of a house. A well-chosen carpet that aligns with the house theme and décor items is a wonderful choice made by the house owner.

But carpets do not clean by themselves. Moreover, you cannot afford to replace carpets every year or each time they get dirty. You have to take care of them adequately, and if you are looking for such tips, then we have a few for you.

Easy To Implement Carpet Care Tips

Treat The Stain Immediately As It Appears On The Carpet

When a stain appears on the carpet (intentionally or negligently), you should not let it stay for days or weeks. Your next task is to use a water-and-soap solution and get rid of it immediately. It is okay not to be able to cover the stain completely, but you can at least reduce its intensity.

House owners who have an instant mechanism against stains and spots are seen to have clean and new-looking carpets in the house. You don’t have to be a neat-freak, just be conscious and take immediate action.

Dust The Carpet Once A Month

We know you must have adopted the easiest approach to carpet cleaning – vacuuming. But have you tried dusting them off once a month or in three months? Carpets are natural collectors of dust and dirt, and after a while, they start looking messier than they really are. Hence, the best way is to dust them at scheduled times to make them look clean and beautiful.

You can do this by yourself, just ask for help from your family members. We are sure you will feel cheerful once you are done with the dusting. Remember, the dust collected on the carpets could be allergic to a few. Hence, cover your mouth and nose while doing so.

Hire A Proficient Carpet Cleaning Company At Regular Intervals

Some house owners take the toll of carpet cleaning by themselves and call a carpet cleaner when the carpets look untidy and full of grime. And when the cleaner cannot give his best (it is not an easy task to get rid of accumulated stains), they blame the professional service.

We suggest entering into a maintenance contract with an expert. They will cater to your requirements as and when scheduled by you. They arrive at your doorstep with the necessary equipment, supplies, and staff. So, there is no need to overwhelm yourself with carpet cleaning in Chatswood .

Using Walk-Off Mats (Door Mats)

If you want to keep those gritty & dry outdoor soils from being tracked into the fibres of your precious carpets, then you can install area rugs & walk-off mats at your door entrances. Ensure that anyone entering your home should use these walk-off mats to get the dirt & debris eliminated from their shoe soles.

However, remember to clean these walk-off mats regularly, at least twice per week. If you don’t keep them clean, there’s a greater chance that the dirt & debris will spread to other areas of your home, including your clean carpets.

Adopt The Shoe-Less Rule Inside Your Home

In case you’re particular about keeping your carpets neat & tidy over time, then you have to adopt the shoe-less rule inside your home. Such a process can be difficult to implement at first but once you & your family members (and guests) get into the habit, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Simply use slippers instead of your shoes while you’re indoors. These slippers will also prevent the transfer of any oils from your bare feet to the carpet fibres.

Create A Separate Resting Place For Your Pets

If you have pets at your home, then you have to be careful with your carpets because they tend to shed a lot of fur – be it a cat or a dog. These fur hairs can not only make your carpets look gross but also lead to the emergence of certain allergies.

Thus, you have to place area rugs in places where your pets generally rest or sit. As a result, you can offer excellent protection to your carpets without any issues.

Purchasing The Correct Carpet Pad

Using the proper carpet pad will extend the overall lifespan of your carpet. However, a wrong one can prematurely damage your carpet. When buying a carpet pad, always select the one which has moderate to high density, instead of making the selection based on the thickness. A proper quality carpet pad should be around 0.375 to 0.5 inches in thickness and 6 lbs in terms of density/weight.

Purchasing cheaper, lower-quality, low-density carpet pads will cost you more in the long run because they will get damaged pretty easily and you’ll need to replace them often. In case you’re planning to buy carpet pads for higher traffic areas, ensure that it has a density of 8 lbs and the thickness should be less than 0.375 inches.

Clearing Up Pet Accidents As And When They Happen

If any pet accident takes place on your carpet, be sure to clear the same, otherwise, it can fade & damage the carpet fibres. Cleaning pet accidents is easy as you just need to soak up the urine or the faeces using white paper towels, as much as possible. And then apply some soapy water (can be created by mixing lukewarm water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid) on the affected region. Finally, blot the area with some additional paper towels.

Once you’re done using soapy water, apply a mixture of water & white vinegar (2:1 ratio) and eventually blot the same using paper towels. The use of vinegar will eliminate any pungent smell or odours coming out of your carpets.

Minimise Exposure To Direct Sunlight

In case your home interiors have direct access to sunlight, then you can install curtains & blinds, especially in the summer season, to curb the effect of direct sunlight on your precious carpet fibres. Direct sunlight can damage & fade carpets over time.

In short, if a conscious house owner is particular in the above simple tips, he or she can preserve the carpets for an extended period.

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