Cheapest Places To Buy A House In The UK

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The United Kingdom has always been the spot of attraction for people all across the world. It has a versatile economy that gives roof to the people with varied financial status. Its residents have numberless options to find a place where they can buy a house at a lower price and can live a safe and happy life.

Mostly people think that it can cost a leg and an arm to buy a house in the UK, but NO, there are many affordable options

Here are some of the cheapest places in the UK for home buying with the relatable details on the 1,2,3 & 4 bedroom houses. Do not worry, home buying is still affordable and nowadays the property prices are low. Take the benefit of the opportunity and buy a home that fits in your budget.


A peaceful area of southeast London, Greenwich is always on the top of the list among the cheapest home buying options. The place has less number of buyers, which makes it more affordable for home buyers. The local administration offers lucrative options of shared ownership to make the purchase more affordable. Not to be missed option to buy a house in the UK

You are not wrong if you want to buy a roof here. The place although is not backward, as it has many futuristic plans on the table and the infrastructural developments also take place at a fast pace.

House prices in Greenwich according to the number of bedrooms

Number of bedroomsHouse price
1 bedroom house£170,000
2 bedroom house£630,000
3 bedroom house£1,090,000
4 bedroom house£1,544,000


Here is another option for affordable home buying with cheaper mortgage options and smaller monthly installments. This means you do not need to ask how much I can borrow through mortgage as the property prices are low. When you need to borrow less, there is no reason to worry about that. The city is popular for organizing varied events throughout the year. Also, it generates a good number of jobs in varied fields. Good long term option to buy a house in the UK

House prices in Derby according to the number of bedrooms

Number of bedroomsHouse price
1 bedroom house£82,768
2 bedroom house£1,25,000
3 bedroom house£1,73,000
4 bedroom house£2,62,995

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This peaceful town in west Yorkshire offers pocket-friendly choices of houses. The place is not influenced by urban culture and acts as the perfect spot to achieve work-life balance. The town is well connected through train roots that are speedy and fulfill the daily commute needs.

House prices in Wakefield according to the number of bedrooms

Number of bedroomsHouse price
1 bedroom house£72,000
2 bedroom house£1,52,345
3 bedroom house£2,79,233
4 bedroom house£2,95,000


A 45-minute car ride from central London towards southeast will take you to this place. The city is a good choice for those with family. The top-rated schools here offer a good future to the little humans and peace of mind to the parents.

The young generation with fresh plans for the future can also come here if they find a job in the city. There are many opportunities however, not as large in number as London or Birmingham, but yes, the condition is not disappointing. Must be considered option to buy a house in the UK

House prices in Bexley according to the number of bedrooms

Number of bedroomsHouse price
1 bedroom house£1,30,000
2 bedroom house£2,60,449
3 bedroom house£3,10,332
4 bedroom house£4,20,000


A place in the West Midlands that is popular due to its parks (award-winning) and historic buildings. This part of the UK is also popular for its environment-friendly approach. It has invested a lot of money to develop and renovate cycling routes.

There are also a good number of job opportunities to satisfy varied salary expectations. Also, there are ample chances to have a suitable atmosphere for business owners. It is the reason that many self-employed people buy their homes here. The funds are easily available through smart online options. The variety of lenders and brokers make the mortgage deal predictable through the self-employed mortgage. In short, buying a home here is never stressful.

House prices in Sandwell according to the number of bedrooms

Number of bedroomsHouse price
1 bedroom house£69,000
2 bedroom house£1,10,000
3 bedroom house£1,52,000
4 bedroom house£2,30,000


What do you think? Have you made your choiceto buy a house in the UK, which place sounds best? Oh! Right, you need some more research about these places and need to talk to a financial expert. Is that so? Fine, there is really no need to hurry after all property decisions should take ample time and that can happen only with patience. The more you read the market, the safer is your decision. The United Kingdom is certainly one of the most expensive economies but that is only one side of the coin. It has space for all with varied financial backgrounds. Read about the above options and make your safe choice. All the best

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