Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

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For companies and organizations which participate, or are planning to participate in eTendering processes on different government sites, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is necessary. A digital signature certificate also provides for higher security in certain electronic transactions, besides making extremely simple and straightforward eTendering.

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We will give you an overview regarding the case 3 digital signature.

  • What is a digital signature certificate?
  • Importance of Digital Signature Certificate
  • Certificate Classes 
  • Who needs the DSC certificate?
  • Methods of Processing

What is a digital signature certificate?

Numerous government entities implement digital signature or DSC or digital signature certificates, which is now a prerequisite in many applications. Different certificate classes are used to ensure the legal validity of electronic transactions by companies and individuals as provided by the Indian IT Act 2000. 

Any company that wants to apply to any eTender government must have a Digital Signature Certificate of Class 3 registered on behalf of an agent approved to send e-Tender applications online.

Importance of Digital Signature Certificate?

  • A Digital Signature Certificate digitally validates your identification. 
  • You will have a high degree of protection in your online transactions by ensuring that the data exchanged using a digital credential is absolutely privy. 
  • To encrypt details, you can use certifications that can be read-only by the intended recipient. 
  • To make sure your recipient will not alter in transit, you can digitally sign details and verify your identity as a sender.

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Certificate Classes 

Three DSC classes are allowed by the IT statute. 

Class I DSC

For both business and private use, class 1 certificates shall be issued. These certificates must ensure that the information given by the customer in the request does not contradict the information found in well-known customer databases.

Class 2 DSC

Class 2 DSC is applicable to both Indian and foreign applicants. This certificate has the main purpose of authenticating the signer’s data. The above data of the consumer is true. It is used to complete several forms, register online, e-mail, taxes, etc. 

This level is suitable for environments with modest risks and implications of data compromise. This may involve transactions of significant financial worth or risk of theft or access to private details where there is a significant chance of malicious access.

Class 3 DSC

The IVG Guideline digital certificate for class 3 is better than the class 2 certificate, which is the best of all certificates. It is used in health and protection matters. This is used primarily in online trading and e-commerce, which requires a huge amount of money or extremely confidential data. When you want to receive class 3 certificates, you will be able to accept all applications produced for class 2. The key functions of certificates in class 3 are as follows – 

  • E-tendering
  • E-filing of patent and mark 
  • E-filing with MCA 
  • e-filing of customs 
  • E-contracting 
  • E-bidding
  • E-auction, etc.

That level is important for situations where data risks are high or the implications of security services failure is high. This may involve transactions of very significant importance or high risks of fraud.

Who needs the DSC certificate?

Anyone who fulfills the requirements will receive this credential. 


The DSC refers to the Indians who do not want the name of their organization. 


Ths DSC refers to companies (any form of the company) who wish to include their name in the DSC.

Local nationals 

The DSC is intended for foreigners and uses certificates on their behalf. 

Certificate of Signing Document 

You can use Bulk Signer Certificates if you want to use a certificate for bulk document signatures. 

Certificates for IET 

This Credential is particularly used for the DGFT portal, a special Digital Signature Credential for IEC code holders.

Methods of Processing 

Three specific methods of authentication for the acquisition of the certificate of a digital signature. The candidate can select the form he needs. 


The applicant must complete the form with specifications covering type, validity, use, usability, and so on in the conventional process. Attested copies should be followed by the type of Address Verification, ID, PAN, etc. The applicant must sign the form and meet all of the required criteria. Whether the bank owner gazetted officers or postmaster will confirm all attached papers.

DSC without paper

  • e-KYC Verification DSC based on Aadhar card 

Paperless DSC with Aadhaar is a simple and fastest means of generating DSC. The entire Paperless DSC process saves time, money, and energy and is authenticated fully. The DSC is based on Aadhaar Paperless Offline KYC. 

  • DSC verification of PAN-based e-KYC 

The applicant is able to greatly reduce costs by opting for Paperless PAN-based E-Kyc DSC. The main benefit of this Pan-based E-KYC, however, is that this kind of DSC can be demanded anytime and anywhere, providing a global comfort to the applicant.

DSC centered on GST evaluation 

GST based verification Electronic DSC Organizational Signature Stamp, In compliance with the most recent GST verification guidelines, DSC. That significantly reduces the documentation and lets you process DSC more quickly.

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