Cleaning Out a Storage Unit – A Comprehensive Guide

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Cleaning and clearing a storage unit that you acquired, purchased at the sale, or haven’t seen in years isn’t always pleasant. But, this is where storage unit cleanout Benicia CA services can come in handy.

This blog will show you how to clean out a storage unit effectively, when to donate or sell things, and how to get rid of whatever is left around.

Preparation Work

Make A List of the Contents of the Storage Unit

Scanning the device and taking an immediate overview of what’s inside should be the first priority. If you inherited a storage room, purchased it at auction, or had it lying for months, this move applies. If you earned the item at auction, you will have to complete this phase more easily and with less care and attention.

Note Down the Things That You See

Keep a pen and paper handy and write down the huge stuff you see right away. To predict how long the clean-out will take, count the number of boxes and write down how many you’ll need to go through.

The checklist will assist you in answering all these questions.

Make A Space Inside or Outside the Unit That Is Open

If you’re short on space, carve out one free corner for phase three processing. You can set up a temporary flip cover and process products outside the unit if there isn’t enough room inside. During business hours, you must vacuum out your unit and clean up your mess.

Examine The Contents of the Available Boxes

Open all the available boxes and examine the content present inside them.

If the boxes have already been numbered, you can skip this stage. If you see something important, delicate, or otherwise relevant, make a short note beside each box.

Before you start checking the objects, make a rough inventory.  So, you know how much work you have ahead of you.

Consider Taking Help from Friends and Organize a Day to Clean

It is important to brace yourself for what is to come in order to reduce your risk of being overloaded. Choose a day to do the cleaning, and arrive with moving supplies, trash bags, labels, and organizing totes. Seek advice from your friends.

Make A Note of the Following Questions

How much time do you require?

Cleaning out your storage unit thoroughly can take more than one day. Plan ahead of time to ensure you have enough time.

What are the rules for storage unit auctions?

Determine how much time you have to clear the storage unit if you won it at an auction. It’s possible that you’ll need to empty the device right away and sort through the contents elsewhere.

How many people do you need?

Having more than one person on hand may be beneficial. Ask for assistance ahead of time to ensure that you have all of the resources you require.

Clean out

Categorize Your Stuff

Sort your belongings into four categories: keep, toss, donate/sell, and store.

  • Things you can take from your storage unit and carry home are included in the keep package.
  • The store box organizes items that will be kept in storage.
  • Items you want to sell or donate will be placed in the sell box.
  • Anything that is broken beyond repair will go into the toss box.

Keep Your Focus and Complete the Task

If you’ve been through the above steps and are still stuck, you may want to hire a skilled organizer to help you stay on track and avoid distractions. When it comes to cleaning out estates, professional organizers are particularly useful.

Remove Content

Get Rid of Storage Unit Stuff

To get rid of your unit’s stuff, follow these steps:

  • Remove all garbage from the machine first.
  • Contact a local thrift store to arrange for free distribution of donation items.
  • Fill up the truck after that.
  • Finally, move all sold goods to a location where they can be further processed.

Sell Items from The Storage Unit

You could either sell the whole unit through an auction house or sell each object separately. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two common online marketplaces. Try selling on eBay or Etsy if you have more valuable pieces.

Hire A Junk Removal Company If Required

There are several companies that will assist you in removing the contents of your storage unit without requiring any of your efforts.

Hiring someone is a good idea if you don’t have someone to help you. For the best results, you must rely on professionals like 3 Kings Hauling and More. They have a team of experts who can help in thoroughly and professionally clean the storage unit. 

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