Common Types of Hoodies That Men Are After

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Hoodies are cool in the sense that men have an overwhelming range of options to purchase them. Usually, men have good reasons to wear pullover hoodies like Hanes P170; however, sometimes men want to make a fashion statement; thus they choose designer hoodies. Men need to choose a hoodie design between the zipped or pullover option while buying. First and foremost, it is the fabric choice that makes a hoodie fascinating for the buyers. Design, fabric, looks, and comfort are the factors that men need to contemplate to choose the right kind of hoodie. Let us have a look at some of the common types of hoodies and sweatshirts that men are after:

Universal Hoodies

Hoodies having a universal appeal are “universal hoodies”. These are the most common types of hoodies. These hoodies are an all-time classic. These hoodies are still popular though a range of changes in the designs of hoodies has taken place in terms of style and fit. Universal hoodies are popular for ages owing to their consistent comfort and high-quality.

Fan-Following Hoodies

Of course, there are hoodies with graphic designs that are called “fan-following hoodies”. You may uncover singers’ favorite lines or a bit of rap parody from a famous song or just an image of a hip-hop rock star in fan-following hoodies. The fan-following hoodies are stylish, trendsetters, and they offer an attachment with famous personalities having a huge fan-following. This one is a very famous types of hoodies for your loyalty forwards a brand.

Fashionable Hoodies

Hoodies always remain in fashion. Why? As fashionable hoodies always remain in. If men want to make a fashion statement adding to their elegance and personalities, then they opt for fashionable hoodies. Hoodies are impeccable fashionable pieces of clothing for men. So nothing is better than fashionable hoodies for men when it comes to fashion. This is undoubtedly the other most types of hoodies.

Sportswear Hoodies

Many men who have a knack for sports and sports gear wear hoodies as a part of their ideal outfits. They prefer wearing hoodies while they are attending the practice sessions or they are out on the road with friends. A hoodie with a sports theme and rich color fabric & impeccable contrast of hues serve as great sportswear to players and fans.

Pullover Hoodies and Zipped Hoodies

One of the major considerations that men need to consider while buying a hoodie is whether they should opt for a zipped hoodie or pullover hoodie, such as Hanes P170. As far as the usefulness of zipped and pullover hoodies are concerned, both of these hoodies have their different ease of use and benefits. Zipped hoodies are more a sort of casual hoodie, as men can always wear them with an open zip. Zipped hoodies are comfier when the weather is not chill; however, zipped hoodies are a bit uncomfortable for covering the head. Thus then comes pullover hoodies that offer better warmth and more comfort for covering the head with an attached hood. If you talk about flexibility, then zipped hoodies are preferred choice of men over pullover hoodies.

Poly-Cotton Blend Hoodies

Hoodies are made up of different fabrics, and one kind of a hoodie that stands the test of time is a poly-cotton blend hoodie. Typically, poly-cotton blend hoodies are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester; and these hoodies are comfortable and durable at the same time. If you are in pursuit of a top-selling poly-cotton blend hoodie, then you cannot go wrong with Hanes P170; it is a thick yet fully functional hoodie, and it comes online with an extra-large front pouch pocket. Many men in the U.S. (United States) are after this style of hoodie owing to its wearers-friendly features.

So the point is that all hoodies serve different purposes, and all of them come in handy based on different situations.

Can Blank Hoodies be Embroidered?

Of course, blank hooded sweatshirts can be embroidered with business logos or messages. So if you are in pursuit of an embroidery service to get your pullover hoodie embroidered, then we recommend that you get it embroidered from the same place where you have purchased it; as it will save your precious time. Many online retailers who sell blank hoodies offer embroidery service, so finding the embroidery service online won’t bother you.


When it comes to purchasing hoodies online, men have overwhelming options. The most obvious choice of men when it comes to buying hoodies online is a universal hoodie. Men also purchase fan-following hoodies to depict their love for famous personalities. Fashionable hoodies always remain in as a style statement for men. Then there are sportswear hoodies. When men have to choose between the zipped or pullover hoodies, then they have a close look at their functions. The poly-cotton blend hoodies are very popular owing to their comfort and durability. Men can also get blank hoodies embroidered in the way they want. Last but not least, hoodies come in different forms online; and all of them serve meaningful purposes.

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