Social – Your Ideal Workspace in 2021

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Every business needs a proper workspace to run efficiently. Not only business if you are a freelancer or an artist or a person turning a hobby into the business you need a office space for better performance, increasing productivity, and generating revenue growth. Whether you are a start-up, small business, freelancer, or any corporate event office space are the wings that make you fly. A good office environment gives you a professional image, networking, and positive client interaction. And your search for an ideal workspace or office ends at SOCIAL.

I know your love for social is true. But social love you even more and is offering you an open workspace to give your business a professional image. At social you get perfect ambiance to increase productivity. Studies have shown that ambiance impacts your mood, keeping that in mind social has got you perfect office ambiance. Social is a suitable office space for your professional transients, growing teams, corporate events, freelancing, and start-up.

Why Social should be your Workspace?


Workspace gives you a professional appearance to establish authenticity and trust among your clients. Your professional appearance is important for the good branding of your business in the market. If you are a freelancer it helps you maintain work standards and professionalism. At social you get a proper office atmosphere to boost yourself and make your business presentable.

Growing with ease:

You don’t have to worry about your growing company size with workspace. Office space gives you the freedom to hire any number of employees at any time and anywhere. Just hire and shift your newbies to a collaborative officespace. Social has opened its workspace at all the major locations i.e Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, and Chennai. So even if you are spreading to new city you don’t have to worry for office space. Your office space is ready at social.

Prime Location:

You all want your officespace to be located at prime locations. Because prime locations are surrounded by different businesses, restaurants, and hang-out places. On top of that, they are easily connected and approachable. All the Social workspace are located at prime locations in major cities. So you don’t have to think much in making social your workspace.

Ready to Move-in

All workspace are ready to move-in anytime. You don’t have to burden yourself about setting up your office. Office space has no overhead of buying tables, chairs or any office stuff. Social give you facility to start at this very moment. Move-in to any social space today anytime and start working.


At workspace you can connect with people from different companies and different work area.This helps in increasing knowledge, learning and building connections. At social you get good exposure.

No Home Distractions:

Workspace keeps you away from distractions like home chorus, door bells, frequent interruptions etc. At social you get exciting office atmosphere to keep you focused and motivated.

Comfortable Seating:

At workspace you get comfortable seating arrangement to work and concentrate easily for six to eight hours. No more uncomfortable seating at home when you have your comfortable workspace ready at social.

Free Access to Amenities:

Office space gives you free access to amenities. You don’t have to bother about extra payments. At social you get free access to high speed Wi-Fi, chill-out area, A.C, drinking water, printer and stationery.

Social gives you freedom to choose from three different workspace plans according to your need. You can find below complete details and packages:

Top Office space Benefits at Social

  • Enjoy social’s yummy Food and Beverages worth the plan
  • Special deals and offers for large groups
  • Arrangement for corporate meets or events
  • Work access from any outlet
  • Suitable for the team of all size
  • Networking

Workspace Plans at Social

Daily300 INR
Weekly1200 INR
Monthly4500 INR

Explore your workspace at social here

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