Die-Cutting Tips to Create Beautiful Gifts this Christmas

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We are entering the holiday season and the Christmas gifts are always the first on our minds. We put so much thought into these gifts to make or order something unique each year. This time, wouldn’t it be nice sending something handmade to your friends and family?

With the COVID-19 pandemic completely disconnecting us from everyone for multiple months, handmade gifts on Christmas would only bring you closer to your family and friends. Isn’t it?

Below we have discussed the top 6 handmade die-cutting gift ideas for Christmas. Dive in and start exploring these amazing ideas.

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Top 6 Die-Cutting Ideas for Christmas

If you are confused about the handmade gifts that you should make for your loved ones, here are some amazing die-cutting ideas. It is a process through which you can make multiple cut shapes.

Explore how you can put a broad smile on the faces of your loved ones with this technique.

Die-Cut Window Card

The simplest method is to gift handmade cards on Christmas to your friends and family. With the die making machine, you can make window cards. These are layers, with the above layer placed as a window. This card is innovative because you are giving a peek of what’s in the card but still maintaining the surprise element.

For instance, placing a full picture of you with the person on the inside, and on the top, there’s a window with graphics and elements cut out from die making machine.

You can even add fancy artworks and colorful layers over your window. This can be a layer containing metallic elements, such as a girl or a Santa.

Lace Die-Cutting

Other than window cards, you can use lace die-cuttings for your handmade cards, gift boxes, and bookmarks. In fact, it is highly unlikely for you to go wrong with the lace. It is the most traditional way in which you can celebrate Christmas. But, using fabric laces is a task. You can’t always use it on paper and adhesives for cloth pieces are challenging to use. Hence, the best solution for this is using a die-cutting machine for paper laces. These laces can be used on your bookmark corners, tag corners, cards, and practically on any handmade elements, such as your gift packaging.

Spinning Card

On Christmas, you can also do something really special and different by making spinner cards. These cards contain a cavity on the front flap, in which you can stick or hang some die-cut elements.

For instance, create a circular cavity on the front flap and then make small Santa cuttings. Use a threat to paste these cuttings in the cavity. These die cuttings can spin, which makes your card unique and worth remembering. The best part is that you don’t even need to spend much time on cuttings as you can simply use the die making machine.

Tip: You can use this idea for other handmade Christmas gifts as well, such as making spinner bookmarks.

Die Cut Gift Box

One of the greatest gifts of Christmas is sweets and chocolates. So, why not make it interesting?

Make a small goodies box with paper and die-cutting. Just create a plain box with colored paper. Now, use your die making machine to make stockings and Santa and paste these cuttings on the box. You can use the above method too – make a spinner box. It is also possible to make a spinner tag or a normal tag which can be used on the ribbon placed on the box.

A Bookmark

If you have some friends and family members who love reading books, then you can make a bookmark for them; you can make a set of bookmarks for them. Use your die making machine for different cuttings and a rectangular colored paper to make a bookmark. Punch a hole on the top and tie a ribbon on it. For an additional touch, cut the lower portion of the bookmark in a V or other related patterns.

Instead of using ribbon, you can also use tassels. There are various ways to modify your bookmarks.

Card Holder

If you are making handmade cards for your loved ones, you can also make card holders for these cards. Wouldn’t it be great to send cards in handmade holders?

Take a colored or texture piece of paper and make an envelope of the size of the card. On this envelope, place a stocking cutting or a star cutting or anything you like. You can also make a pull out an envelope, where the card is pulled out from the side. Here, you can attach a stocking cutting on the side, using which the card would be pulled out.


Making handmade gifts with die-cutting is the best thing you can do for your family and friends this year. Check the above ideas, tweak these methods according to your choices, and mix and match for amazing results. For instance, make a spinning tag or a bookmark tag which can be used as a tag as well as a bookmark. Let us know about your inventions of die making below.

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