Discord No Route Error & Fix

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Over the last five to ten years, discord becomes famous worldwide. It intelligently mingles Twitch, Teamspeak, and IRC’s best qualities into one social stage that all can use without any difficulty. At present, online game players need discord to connect to their teammates privately. But that doesn’t mean that only the individuals who play online games use discord services. Instead, it is the favorite of entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and other social media influencers due to its qualities.

Recently some discord users experience no route discord error and can’t connect to a voice network due to this error. The major problem that the users are facing nowadays is discord RTC connecting error. This is a kind of obstacle for its users that stops them from using the voice server. After looking after the error here, we will offer solutions to fix the discord no route error.

Here, we will discuss what no route discord error and the ways to fix it is. Let’s get started.

What is discord RTC connecting no route?

Before discussing discord no route fix solutions, let us inform you what RTC connecting problem is.

A real-time web communication standard is what we knew as RTC. It provides the facility of both sending and receiving voice and video. Google introduced this web-communication service in 2011 to allow practical audio and visual data sharing between the web and native browsers. The ultimate target of RTC was to permit software to be created for users, moveable stages, and IoT tools that provide improved quality audio and visuals. 

Extensive networks handle RTC for Discord. When the users are connecting something via discord, they have to proceed through these channels. But sometimes, people may face issues while connecting to the RTC channel. This is a discord RTC connecting error, and users can see this pop-up on their device if this error happens.

What is causing Discord no route error?

There is no particular reason that is responsible for discord no route error. Nevertheless, the probable reasons that are discovered after researching the issues are:

  • If the users have a third-party firewall or antivirus in their device, discord fails to connect with the servers.
  • If the assigned IP address has altered, the system couldn’t respond, and a discord issue happened.
  • If users block discord or limited the servers, they use them for their accessibility.
  • If users try to connect to a network located on a different continent, then no route error might occur.

How to fix the discord no route error

Fortunately, nine out of ten times, these issues are caused due to internet problems and can be solved quickly. If you are a discord user and experiencing this problem, then here are some ways to fix the no route discord issue:

Reboot and Restart

If any issue occurs in your system, then don’t think twice to reboot and restart your system along with your modem. It would be best if you restarted the router because some system resources sometimes get interrupted. So, you need to restart your router along with your device.

You can first restart the router and check if the error is fixed. If the issue is still there, you need to reboot and restart your device and your modem.

After restarting your device and router, check your discord to know if the problem is solved.

Stop Quality of Service (QoS)

Sometimes top apps can’t manage QoS settings, and they start having errors. If you have an issue in discord, disabling QoS may help you to fix it. You need to open the discord and go to “User settings.” Next, on a new tab, select “Voice and Video settings” on your left side. Search for the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” menu and click on disable. After disabling, try to connect to another server and involve your audio.

After disabling QoS, if you find your error is fixed, this created a problem for discord to function correctly.

Go through your firewall and AV settings

With the help of a Firewall, the internet prevails through your system and comes back in it. But if it is not configured rightly, discord can’t operate through your device. This can cause no route error on your computer. Therefore, you need to check firewall settings to ensure that it is supporting discord.

Alter the region of your voice server

Sometimes you can experience no route disorder error due to the location of channels. If the server is located near to your region, it will help you to receive better service. If your server region is far from you and you are facing this error, then alter the area of your voice server as early as possible.

Delete your VPN

Discord doesn’t have a quality relationship with VPN. So, if you find your VPN doesn’t support discord, then remove it from your system.

Check whether your network admin has blocked discord

Sometimes your network admin blocks discord, and it fails to function in that case. Verify the matter and fix it to solve the discord “no route” issue.

Other than the solutions, you can also.

  • Change your recent DNS network to a Google DNS network
  • Renew your IP address
  • Use discord through your browser
  • Fix your internet problems


While playing an exciting game, nobody wants any interruption. We can understand how irritating it can be for a gamer to have a no-route discord issue. So, here we have tried our level best to help the users with probable solutions. 

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