Does Solidarity Move You? These 5 Races Are For You

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Social Education

If you are interested in promoting the quality of life or access to education for people in a situation of social exclusion, children in distress, minorities, the elderly, etc. studying Social Education could be a great option. Keep in mind that a social educator plays an essential role in any society, but that it will not be a bed of roses: you will need to be a very committed and open-minded person.

Social Work

Although the social worker is sometimes confused with the social educator, they are not the same. The social worker has a more bureaucratic function (and no less important) than the educator. If you want to help, but you are better at solving problems than developing strategic action plans, the degree in Social Work may be your thing, since your functions will be aimed at advising and processing the aid that people with social disadvantages can access. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with people who live through horrible dramas and that you will need a lot of motivation and strength not to take the drama home every day, but if you see yourself capable, there are many people who need you. If solidarity really motivates you, this will be a profession where you will feel in your own right.

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Although we have been told that a Criminology career prepares you to be a CSI, it is not true. Criminology is a multidisciplinary science that addresses the problem of crime from many areas: Sociology, Psychology, Law, Medicine, but the criminological approach is essentially a social approach, which tries to find solutions to conflict situations that generates crime. A well-trained criminologist, with a critical, open mind and a spirit of solidarity will be able to work helping minorities, criminals and victims of crime, will be able to develop public policies that promote equality, fight against racism, machismo, and a long etcetera. According to professional ghostwriting company you have to think that Criminology in our country is yet to explode and what it needs is that it be filled with people less willing to interpret boring fingerprints and more willing to change the world for the better.


Yes, a priori, one does not think that genetics is an ideal career for people interested in solidarity, but that is because we have not thought about it well. The immense development of this science in recent years has caused it to separate from biology and have an entity of its own as a university career and the possibilities that genetic studies offer to help people are only beginning to be glimpsed. Have you heard of the Innocence Project?

Political Sciences & Public Administration

If you are a person interested in solidarity, it is possible that, with the world as it is, studying Political Science has not even crossed your mind, but it is precisely the lack of politicians with more vocation to improve things and less vocation to improve their things that are lacking on this planet. Short-term policies, despite being more popular, do not solve social problems and political parties that function as companies do not solve anything either because they only think of their own benefit. The world of politics needs people with the ability to analyze, with the ability to feel empathy, devoid of prejudices and interested in solidarity. Are you one of those? Well, don’t think about it anymore, the world needs you.

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