DUI and the possible penalties of DUI

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The need for law in a society can be best described by the increased cases of offenses. These offenses can be minor or severe but have very onerous impacts on the people involved in the incident as well as the environment. Several offenses take place when an individual is not in his right state. Yes, that includes those offenses when an individual is under influence. One such offense is also discussed below.

What is DUI?

DUI or driving under influence is a type of criminal offense of driving any motor while being impaired by alcohol. Other terms used for drunken driving include DWI (driving while intoxicated), OUI (operating under the influence) and, OWI (driving while intoxicated or impaired). These offenses are considered to be the same but they slightly differ from each other. The driver is considered to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol if his blood alcohol content (BAC) limit reaches 0.08%.


Penalties of DUI offense

The punishments or the penalties of DUI offenses are different in many states. A DUI offender can be considered as a misdemeanor or felony offender and it entirely depends on the offense and other circumstances. The penalties are usually less harsh for the first-timers than the repeated convicts. Well, some of the penalties faced by the offenders are discussed below.

Time in Prison or jail

The punishment of DUI offenses varies from state to state. In most states, DUI is treated as a misdemeanor so the punishment includes a short time of incarceration. It is observed that in maximum states, the time of imprisonment is usually six months. But other factors and circumstances are also considered to classify the offense based on the severity of the offense or whether it is a repeated offense. So, a convicted offender can also be charged with felony DUI and the punishment includes a long period of imprisonment.


In some states, incarceration is followed by a fine. The amount of fine varies depending upon the conviction and time in prison. The amount of a fine for a misdemeanor conviction would be fairly less than the one charged with a felony conviction. The other expenses may include the installation of IID (ignition interlock device) in the car’s dashboard. It calculates the BAC of the driver and if it is above the limit, the driver is not allowed to start the engine

License suspension 

DUI offense consequences also include suspension of license by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Depending on the states, the suspension time is usually 90 days for those who are convicted for the first time. While depending on other circumstances license suspension period may also increase. Some states also show some leniency by allowing the drivers to apply for a restricted license. This license allows them to drive to work or school during the period of suspension.


In many DUI cases, the offender is obliged to abide by the term of probation. This period is different for different states. And depending on the seriousness of conviction the probation period can be a year or more than that in some states. It is not imprisonment but the offender is required to follow certain rules and obligations. Any sort of negligence can cost the offender more penalties. Some certain terms followed by the offender include meetings with the probation officer, performing drug tests, and not repeating the offense during probation. 

DUI lawyers

DUI lawyers are the criminal defense lawyers who defend the offenders charged with DUI offenses. These lawyers have experience and great knowledge of all the legal processes involved in DUI cases. Depending upon different circumstances, they try their best to defend their clients. For more information and free consultation check Image Link.


It is better to avoid any such situations. Because this has a great effect on the personal and professional life of a person who gets involved in such an offense. When arrested for DUI charges it is wise to have a DUI defense lawyer on your side. 

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