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Do you like to view Insta stories of those who are not your followers by keeping your identity a secret? Then the Dumpor Instagram story viewer tool is perfect for you.

There are some users who love to view others’ content anonymously by keeping their identity a secret. They don’t want to log in to Instagram so that they can able to hide their identity. Here lies the significance of Dumpor that can help you to view others’ Instagram stories who don’t follow you back.

Here we will discuss essential facts related to Dumpor. Let’s begin:

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor Home Page

Dumpor is an analytical tool that helps Instagram users access other users’ profiles by keeping their identities a secret. It is considered one of the best tools for viewing Instagram profiles anonymously.

The most exciting fact about Dumpor is that you don’t need to be an Instagram user to access other accounts. With this device, you can go to Instagram and simply view others’ stories, posts, reels, etc.

You can analyze the statistics of other profiles with the algorithm on which Dumpor’s works are based. An Instagram user can view anybody’s account, hashtags, followers, locations, and many more.

Features of Dumpor

Dumpor Service
Dumpor Service

Here are some exciting features of Dumpor.com that make it famous among the audience.

  1. Offer free service:

Dumpor offers free services and users don’t need to pay to view others’ Instagram accounts. Moreover, the site doesn’t preserve your personal information, so your data is less likely to get lost.

  • Easy-to-use interface:

Dumpor has a user-friendly interface which is one of its most significant benefits. Any person not used to handling such platforms can also easily use the platform and hardly face any challenges.

  • Allow to download anything:

Dumpor offers you the chance to download stories, images, reels, videos, etc., without any hurdle. There are no limitations to downloading while using Dumpor.

  • View others’ profiles anonymously:

Dumpor enables you to keep your identity hidden. Suppose you have browsed someone’s Instagram profile using Dumpor. In that case, the account holder will not be able to know who has viewed their accounts or downloaded their stories. So, your competitor’s or your ex’s identity will be a secret.

  • Know about Hashtags:

Dumpor helps you to know about different hashtags, and that too only in a few seconds. Therefore, you can explore various hashtags and use them according to your need.

These features of Dumpor make it famous among Instagram users.

Dumpor Alternatives

Dumpor is the perfect platform to view other Instagram profiles anonymously. You can search for any site and tag people without your username. Still, if you want to give it a try to some alternatives, then here is a list of some substitutes to Dumpor.

  • Instalkr: The best alternative to Dumpor in 2022 is Instalkr. The instalkr offers the same features as Dumpor, and you can view and download others’ stories anonymously. So, if you don’t want to use Dumpor, you can go for Instalkr.
  • InstaStories: InstaStories is another substitute for Dumpor that supports Insta users to stalk other Instagram profiles. With this tool, the user needs to enter the username in the search bar and select the search option. And your desired page will be opened for browsing.
  • izoomYou: With izoomYou, users can increase the size of images on Instagram, which is this tool’s most significant feature. With the help of izoomYou, Instagram users can view others’ stories, videos, and photos and download them on their smartphones.
  • 4k Stogram: 4k Stogram enables Instagram users to stalk other Instagram profiles and download stories, videos, and pictures. The users need to type the username to view or download videos and photos of others.
  • Pixwox: Pixwox is another tool that can be used in place of Dumpor. Here you will get the same features as other Insta story viewing tools. This tool is a prevalent tool for anonymous Insta story viewing at the current time.

FAQs on Dumpor

  • Is Dumpor effective?

A: Dumpor is effective and helps Instagram users view stories and videos of people who are not their followers on Instagram. Simultaneously, Dumpor allows you to search Instagram posts regarding hashtags, and specific locations, without having an Insta profile.

  • Is using Dumpor secure?

A: Yes, there is no risk associated with using Dumpor. Dumpor helps you to view other accounts but never stores your private information. Therefore, there is no chance of data being hacked.

  • How does Dumpor work?

A: Dumpor is an Instagram story viewer tool. It helps users to check others’ stories, profiles, and videos anonymously. It is entirely legal and safe.


According to the Dumpor users, it is an effective tool in helping to view other Instagram accounts that are not their followers. There are no chances of identity reveal or data theft. Therefore, anybody can use this tool to view others’ stories anonymously.  

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