Entertainment Trends for 2022 and Beyond

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We’re almost through the year. So, yes, the entertainment trends we are now looking at are those for 2022. The list below looks at what’s likely to trend in the coming 24 months and provides some advice as to how to access and enjoy these trends.

Social Video

They may be short and sweet, but it is these videos that are the most-watched phenomenon on social media. The ones that go viral have been watched over a million times and may only be 30 seconds to a minute long. There won’t be time to tell or watch an entire story, but social video is great for news or product releases and one big highlight.

Just as social media is audience-driven, so too are the videos that prevail on the various social platforms. They are aimed at the current audience as well as prospective audiences. These short clips, that dominate all of the social media platforms, from Facebook to Tik Tok and beyond, will once again be the most-watched aspects of entertainment 2022, and for the foreseeable future.

Online Games and Cloud Gaming

The ability to play the best games that there are without the need for a console is going to be a major change to the way that we currently game. It may even mean a shorter queue on the release day of the major gaming consoles. The range of online games is enormous and from casino and slot games to Animal Crossing and adventure PC games, there will be something for everyone. If it is the casino games you’re after, make sure that you see what the free options are and try to get a few free spins and chips before you spend your own money. A great example of this is found at freeextrachips.com and will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Streaming Services

There is no longer the need to download anything before you watch it. Your entertainment should now be continuous, steady, and at your own pace. Netflix alone has 73 million subscribers and is constantly growing. More people now binge watch television series, than actually watch some of the self-same series on a weekly basis.

The trend for the coming 24 months is the growth of nostalgia watching. All the golden oldies that were watched by millennials in days gone by are being streamed to be watched again. From The Karate Kid to all the He-man cartoons, nostalgia has made a comeback. It’s become known as the monetization of nostalgia or retro and is going to be the future of streaming services as we know them. This niche sector will surely become more mainstream.


Just as streaming has been for the movies and television industry, podcasts are about to sound the final death toll of radio as we know it. It’s about convenience and being able to listen to music, sport, or documentary when it is convenient for you, the listener. In 2020 there were a total of 34 million podcast episodes available, and Spotify has invested over $500m in original podcasts. Podcasts are about to take off in a big way. Listen out in this space and you will  surely find ways to add to and improve your entertainment options and choices. If you want to catch the wave now and be one of the frontiers of this rapidly evolving innovative medium, start using audio recording and editing software to record high-quality podcasts without any equipment.

Game Streaming

It’s not just the streaming of movies and television series or music that has gained traction, but one of the main areas of upcoming developments will be in the arena of game streaming. There are those who broadcast themselves playing the games as well as people watching live-streamed games. Everything from online casinos, first person shooters, and driving games to the golden oldies like Donkey Kong and Sonic are being played, streamed, and watched.


The aforementioned types of entertainment that are expected to trend will, as is the current state of play, be accessed primarily on mobile phones, smart devices, laptops, and PC’s, pretty much any device that has reliable access to the internet and the graphics card to keep up with live events.

Entertainment is all in the eyes and minds of the beholder. The person watching will determine what’s good and what’s hot and what’s not. This puts the ball squarely in your court, and as the consumer, watcher, viewer its really will be up to you as to what trends for you and your family.

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