Everything You Need To Know About Baby Playmats

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As a parent, one of the foremost important belongings you can do to assist your baby development is providing them with safe and stimulating environments to play and learn. Thankfully for folks, there are plenty of great playmats available that make this easy. The proper playmat can’t only entertain your baby and encourage their creativity, but it also can help them develop crucial skills and help strengthen their growing muscles. We’ve put together an inventory of our top 10 favorite baby playmats for 2020. Keep reading to ascertain what we found.

How To Pick a Playmat For Your Baby

Baby playmats are available of all shapes and sizes and have all types of various activities for your baby to enjoy. By understanding your needs and where you’ll be using your baby’s playmat, you’ll get a far better idea of which sorts of mats you’ll want to seem at for yourself. Here may be a small sample of a number of the more common sorts of baby playmats you’ve got to settle on from.

Water Playmats: Usually made from clear plastic and crammed with water and floating toys, water playmats offer a singular sensory experience and an opportunity for your baby to play with water without making a multitude.

Tummy Time Playmats: By the time they’re three months old, your baby should spend about 1 hour of each day lying on their stomach.

Activity Gym Playmats: the foremost common quite playmat that we reviewed, activity gym playmats usually feature hanging toys for babies to play with while lying on their backs.

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Choosing the Simplest Baby Playmats for 2020

so as to form our list, a baby playmat must be beneficial for the event of your baby. Here are the standards we used when reviewing baby playmats.

Size & Portability

Playmats are often as small as a couple of square feet or as large as a whole playroom. confirm you don’t buy a playmat that takes up an excessive amount of space.

Age Range

Especially for the primary few years of their lives, children develop so quickly, and that they can suddenly grow bored with activities that are not any longer challenging or engaging enough. By choosing a playmat that matches your baby’s age and level of development, you’ll confirm they get the utmost to enjoy playtime.


the whole point of a playmat is the activities that your baby enjoys while on them. Some playmats come bundled with many toys for babies to enjoy while others simply provide an honest space for other activities.


so as to receive high marks from us, a playmat must have a positive effect on your baby’s development. for every entry on our list, we’ll explain how the playmat contributes to your baby’s growth.

Batteries Required

Especially for playmats that illuminate or play sound, not having the proper batteries can ruin the fun. we’ll allow you to know what batteries are required and if they are available included together with your purchase.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Play Mat

With an enthralling cast of adorable animal friends, the Skip Hop Treetop Friends Play Mat creates a friendly environment for your baby to play and grow. We also like how easy it’s to assemble this playmat. This mat is straightforward to line up in less than two minutes.

There are thirteen different hooks to hold the toys on and every one sort of interesting textures on the surface of the mat. There’s also a mirror, squeaker flower, and built-in nature sounds.


Featuring activities that stimulate many various senses, the Skip Hop Treetop Friends Play Mat grows together with your baby to support their developmental needs. Simply twiddling with this mat will help your infant develop sensory and motor skills. We also believe the friendly art sort of this playmat and included toys will inspire creativity and exploration.

Fun Factor

there’s such a lot for babies to ascertain and do on the Treetop Friends playmat. The calming nature sounds are a delight and babies like twiddling with the removable animal friends even once they aren’t lying on this playmat. One downside to the number of activities available on the surface of this mat is that there isn’t much free space for lying on the mat.


The Skip Hop Treetop Friends Play Mat may be a good option for folks trying to find an infant playmat with tons of activities. The mat is straightforward to line up and features adorable animal toys also as seventeen activities that support your baby’s development. The included tummy time pillow may be a welcome addition.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

With 4 alternative ways to play, the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is suitable for all developmental stages from birth to 36 months. With 5 fun and unique toys that will be repositioned in several alternative ways, this playmat and baby gym is certain to stay your baby entertained for years. The Fisher-Price brand has a superb reputation for creating high-quality baby products.


the foremost quality of this playmat is that the large keyboard with 5 giant keys that illuminate and let your baby play music and sounds. Not only can these buttons be pressed, but they’re also plenty sturdy enough to be pushed and kicked as your baby develops their gross motor skills. This piano has three modes of operation counting on your baby’s stage of development. There also are 5 other fun toys offering a good sort of color and textures.


As your baby grows, the operation of the Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym changes to assist your child’s development. Fisher-Price calls this their “Smart Stages” technology. level one, the toy operates mostly autonomously, with a 20-minute program of playful music and lights.

The sounds and songs played by the piano were fun, not too annoying, and did an excellent job teaching colors, shapes, and animals. We also heard that babies love the 5 hanging toys that accompany this set. Unfortunately, this set isn’t as fun for folks initially, as the assembly is often a touch of a chore.


The Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym lives up to the lofty expectations that accompany the Fisher-Price name. There are many activities that will help your baby develop and hold their attention for years to return. Just confirm you put aside a couple of hours to line it up properly.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Most parents naturally assume that when it involves playmats for his or her babies and toddlers, the more stimulation a mat provides, the higher. While it’s certainly effective to supply your baby with a good selection of stimuli so as to assist them to develop their cognitive abilities, there’s also an honest deal of evidence that overstimulation can have a negative effect on the event of your baby. That’s why we appreciate that the Play Gym by Lovevery not only offers 5 development zones featuring varied activities for your baby, but it also allows parents to hide individual sections to stop overstimulation.

A winner of multiple parent choice and style awards, this mat offers 5 development zones featuring an enormous sort of different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. The Play Gym also comes with an organic cotton Montessori ball and teether also like a wooden batting ring. Both of those toys are removable.

Every part of this playmat is intentionally designed to enhance the cognitive, visual, and motor development of your baby. the event activities on the playmat are designed to show focus, promote curiosity, and help babies explore.

Fun Factor

Not only is there a powerful amount of fun activities crammed into all sides of this playmat, but the included parts also let parents convert the mat into a play fort. This feature may be a huge hit with toddlers.


While The Play Gym by Lovevery is way costlier than tons of the opposite baby playmats we reviewed, the main target on your baby’s development and unique features make this an excellent premium pick for folks who want to spare no expense on their baby’s development.

Splashin’ Kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium water carpet

Little kids are fascinated by water. That’s why the Splashin’ Kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium water carpet is one of our favorite mats for helping babies between 3 and 12 months spend time lying on their stomachs. Tummy time is crucial for preventing delays within the development of motor skills.


Made especially for newborns, the Splashin’ Kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium water carpet will captivate your baby with its colorful graphics, interesting texture, and fun floating toys. Pressing down on this mat may be a satisfying feeling and sends the objects inside whooshing through the water. This playmat will keep your baby riveted.


twiddling with this aquatic playmat will help your baby’s sensory development and motor skills. Indirectly manipulating the objects inside the mat may be a great demonstration of cause and effect, which helps with early logic development. Tummy Time is vital for babies to develop their core muscles which will allow them to take a seat up straight and enter the longer term.

Fun Factor

During your newborn’s first year of life, one of their favorite activities are going to be experimenting with new and unique feelings and sensations. This mat may be a good way to supply your baby with a stimulating sensory experience with zero mess. One negative about this mat is that because it’s crammed with water, it’s susceptible to getting musty and moldy over time, especially when not emptied and cleaned regularly.


Because of the good price and high-quality BPA-free plastic, this colorful aquatic playmat is a simple buy for folks of newborns trying to find an excellent playmat for tummy time. However, it is often difficult to wash and is susceptible to mold after repeated use.

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play

Just as cozy as an enormous bear hug, the brilliant Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play is one of our favorite options for newborns who resist being placed on their stomachs. The unique prop-up design helps babies who are still developing the muscles required to take a seat up and switch on their own. We also appreciated how easy it’s to require this playmat along when traveling. There also is a spread of interesting toys that accompany this mat including a baby-safe mirror.

within the first year of their life, it’s important that your baby spends a minimum of a couple of minutes each day on their stomach. This helps them build essential core muscles which will be required for his or her development.


Not only does the brilliant Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play playmat provide a secure and cozy place for your baby to get down and play, but the addition of a propped-up section also encourages them to move during tummy time. this may help your baby develop their gross motor skills and coordination. The included matching prop pillow also works well.

Removing these attachments make this playmat easy to wash. Weighing but one pound, this playmat is exceptionally easy to hold with you.


Because of a coffee price and a singular design, the brilliant Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play may be a great choice for folks trying to find a fun and convenient playmat for his or her babies. We especially recommend this mat for babies who become fussy once they are placed on their stomachs.

Bammax Play Mat

One of the most important playmats we reviewed, the Bammax Play Mat is extra thick and provides nearly 36 square feet of space for enjoying and relaxing. Even with the massive playing surface, we were impressed by the portability of the Bammax Play Mat. Weighing only 5 pounds and folding up compactly, this mat is straightforward to require anywhere you go. This playmat works rather well as a picnic blanket.


While this is often one of the most important baby playmats we reviewed, the Bammax Playmat doesn’t accompany any accessories or toys. However, with a thick foam base and glossy surface, this mat provides an excellent surface for any quiet toy. One side features a design with a car track that’s perfect for enjoying with toy cars.


Having an outsized area with a soft surface gives your baby an excellent chance to explore the way their body moves with little risk. the very fact that the mat is large and waterproof makes it ideal for messy activities. The colorful illustrations and car track pattern encourages imagination and inspires them to interact in pretend play.

 It folds and unfolds quickly and simply, and therefore the playing surface is large, soft, and waterproof. This makes it perfect for all types of fun activities. It also makes clean-up a snap.


a touch costlier than a number of the opposite playmats we reviewed, the Bammax Folding Play Mat provides a huge surface for all kinds of fun activities. The soft foam protects your baby and therefore the rigid surface makes it perfect for enjoying with blocks or toy cars.

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

A great pick for folks on the go, the Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym may be a light playmat that’s easy to fold up for storage or travel. Suitable for teenagers between birth and one year old, this polyester playmat features many colorful fabric patterns and 4 detachable toys that hang from above. We especially liked the detachable baby mirror which will come along within the car or within the stroller.


The Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym playmat offer your baby many various ways to play as they grow. The playmat is often configured for tummy time, for babies lying on their back, or for babies who are sufficiently old to take a seat up and play. The four toys that accompany this playmat are colorful and have a spread of cloth textures to stay your baby engaged.


By exposing your baby to good sort of textures and sounds, you’ll encourage your baby’s creativity and help them develop sensory and motor skills. We just like the included soft tummy time bolster, though the shortage of activities on the surface of the mat can make it difficult to stay some little ones engaged while lying face down.

Even better for folks, this playmat is exceptionally easy to fold and take with you on the go. This makes this playmat a superb choice for folks who travel often.


Weighing only three pounds, the Infantine Twist and Fold Activity Gym is ideal for folks who are trying to find a fun portable playmate. This playmat highly effective.

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