Facial Exercises To Free Yourself From Double Chin

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Having a double chin is not a new thing these days, as everyone tends to have this. However, owing to the lazy lifestyle of the people, they have no time to look after their health and skin. As a result, excess fat is getting deposited on people’s bodies. Both men and women are facing these issues. However, the most difficult fat to get rid of is none other than the double chin. 

When a layer of rich fat forms under your chin, it is known as a double chin. Some people also refer to it as submental fat. The worst thing about this is that it is nearly impossible to get rid of a double chin by dieting and exercising. But facial exercises and cosmetic treatments are beneficial to get rid of a double chin. Here are some of the facial exercises and other treatments to help you get rid of them. 

Causes of double chin 

Many people hold that a double chin is a sign of some health problem, but it is nothing like reality. But it can harm your image. So naturally, everyone wishes to get rid of it, but before looking for its treatment, one should know its cause. So here are some of the reasons that lead to a double chin. 


One of the foremost reasons for people developing the double chin is aging. You cannot overlook the effect age has on your skin. Aging is a natural process, and there is no fault of yours in this. Due to the saggy skin, the double chin forms. But nothing to worry about as with the help of a healthier lifestyle and few facial exercises, you can treat it. 

Poor posture 

Most of the time, it is our posture that is responsible for many things out there. The same is the case with a double chin. For a double chin also, bad posture may be the one thing. It weakens the muscles, which leads to the sagging effect and ultimately leads to the double chin. 

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Facial structure 

There are some factors associated with a double chin that is not in our control. The foremost factor among them is the face shape. There are specific facial shapes that are more forgiving than others and vice versa. All those persons with a weak jawline usually tend to have a double chin. Consequently, some people tend to have a double chin due to the facial structure. 


There are chances of you having a double chin if someone in your family has plump chins. There isn’t any specific gene that leads to the double chin, but any number of traits can make you have that. Apart from the bone structure, the other reasons can be weight gain, loose skin, and many others. 

Facial exercises to eliminate a double chin 

There is no proof to suggest that chin exercises work to get rid of a double chin or not, but there is some anecdotal evidence for the same. However, there are some facial exercises to strengthen the muscles and skin in the double chin area. Have a gaze at some of the excellent facial exercises to eliminate the fat from the double chin. 

Straight jaw jut 

One of the foremost exercises you can try to get rid of double chin is the straight jaw jut. Here you need to tilt your head backward and look towards the ceiling. Next, you need to push your lower jaw forward so that the double chin area can feel the stretch. Hold the position for around 10 minutes. At last, relax your jaw and return to normal position. 

Ball exercise 

As the name indicates, you need to place a 9-10 inch ball under your chin and press your chin against the ball. The exercise will only be effective if you repeat this exercise about 25 times daily. 

Pucker up 

Tilt your head towards the back and look at the ceiling. You need to stretch your chin area and pucker your lips as if kissing the ceiling. Hold this position for some time and then bring your head to normal position and stop puckering. 

Tongue stretch 

In this exercise, you need to look straight ahead and stick your tongue as far as you can. Then lift your tongue upwards and take it towards the nose. Stay in the same position for around 10 seconds, and then free yourself. For the best results, repeat this exercise many times throughout the day. 

Neck stretch 

Another exercise to help you eliminate a double chin is neck stretch. First, tilt your head backward and look at the ceiling. Then against the roof of the mouth, press your tongue. Hold the same position for around 5-10 seconds and then release. It will assist you in getting a toned well-formed jawline. 

Bottom jaw jut

The last facial exercise to help you get rid of the double chin is the bottom jaw jut. The exercise is quite simple. Bend your head backward and look towards the ceiling. Keep your head to the right. Slowly and slowly slide your bottom jaw forward. Hold the stance for some time and then eventually release. But doing it once won’t help. You need to do it many times with your head turned to the left. 

Other ways to get rid of double chin 

No matter what, you want to get rid of the double chin. Numerous cosmetic treatments can help you do so, as there is kybella, coolsculpting, and liposuction. All the treatments are best and effectively reduces the double chin. But the best one among these is coolsculpting. Before opting for the coolsculpting, make sure to inquire about the coolsculpting double chin cost

Wrapping up 

With all the facial exercises and other remedies mentioned above, it is not difficult to get rid of the double chin. Try these and get the toned jawline in no time. 

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